The program deals with subjects for a balanced life, professional recommendations and tips for daily practice.
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Hydroponics | Cultivation without land

Meet a method for planting, simple and economical.

Cultivate fruit trees at home

There are several species to start planting in your House. Have fruit all year long to savor them, preparing jams, candies, desserts, and more.

The secret of Chai

The traditional Indian tea, meet the history and how to prepare a delicious recipe.

Carnival masks

Atração que aborda a história das máscaras no carnaval. Influências de culturas e civilizações.

Typical Food

The food of the United States are influenced as the traditions of countries and regions. A cuisine that goes beyond fast food.

Label the table

The study of the behavior is interesting to be ready for any situation. Being the subject of good praise and admiration.


Trick or treat is a healthy practice in several countries in Europe and North America. Thousands of trades are favored with this time of year.

Story & we tie

Program that addresses the history, influence over the centuries and curiosities of the universe.

The positive side of the games

Scholars of medicine and Neurolinguistics discuss the positive side of the games, the whole practice is necessary to balance.

Mirror & reflections

The image is just a detail to be considered in the real or virtual world when the highlighting is who or what inspires you.

The history of music

The history of music involves the musical origins, cultural and social influences, the personalities, great composer.

The history of Tea

Programming that addresses the history of tea, the customs of countries and how to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Nerd, Geek or Okatu? Cosplay or fantasy?

Identify characters in the virtual world in our reality is natural in this day and age with all the developments in communication and technology.

The importance of recording videos on youtube

Stay tuned in digital media is a way to understand the transformations in human behavior.