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Logical Reasoning

Apply the logic in the day-day, is critical to gain time and have good solutions.

Adaptation to changes

Adaptation of the schedule is the main task in Exchange for stations to quality of life.

Stand-up Comedy

In another century were known as men of ceremony, nowadays stand-up comedy.


The way favors decentralization in decision-making in organizations.

Engage customers

The new behavior of the people set new trends in the market.

Digital Economy

New trends in the market and simplify the way of doing business, the internet favors full results. The technology came to aggregate.


The leader is a Communicator engaged, conquer people and innovate with the challenges that appear.

Care X car

Improve your negotiation car when buying a new and see the important basic care daily habits.

Modern enterprises

Século XX há melhoras na produção e qualidade, marcando o inicio o mercado competitivo.


Online communication has favoured new formations and specializations within walking distance between people of different cultures and different countries.


Visionary entrepreneurs aggregate success of other times. Bring a modern touch based on new behaviors of your users and customers.

Advance with goals

Plan and plot strategies to achieve with daily actions your goals are important to have a clear view of the arrival at the top.

The importance of physical exercises

The practice brings a significant improvement in the structural change of the body and record in memory of DNA, here's how.

The importance of playing chess

The sport as the game brings good habits in the following requirement rules on formation of healthy citizens, in addition to the intellectual improvement.

The importance of the chalice of wine

Scientific studies show the habit of drinking a glass of wine a day protects the heart as well as to regulate the rate of cholesterol.

Advancement of technology in treatments

The technology facilitates and adds values to the treatments and bring facilities to doctors, yielding good results.

Boards as trend in decoration

Here's how to innovate with the surfboard in the decoration of environments, bringing a sophisticated decor to your home.

Refrigerator organized

Plan your next grocery shopping and be ready to store in the right places and have durability of food.

The positive side of the games

A new profession emerged to unify the virtual world with the daily life of many young nerds.

Be autonomous of your actions

See the importance of bring honest and acting with respect.