Program that displays through his rhymes, beautiful poetry of our Starttles poets, follow our schedule ...
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Dear friend!
Greetings for this day.
I'm glad to see you

Tribute to the father

Dear Dad!
It's been a few years of my existence,
But your memory remains

Sweet spring

Where you hide spring,
well you know I love you so much
and if before loved so there had been


Child of my heart
why do you run away from me?
It will be fear, it will be passion

If we know

If we can say good morning,
we may despise the bad mood;
if we can smile at life,


You are more important to me
than you can imagine;
you are like constant air

The train

Life is like a train ride, full of boarding and boarding, minor accidents along the way, pleasant surprises with some boarding and ...

Life profile

If you imagine yourself
A chance of life.
If you pilgrim

I Love you

I love you
so much more and how
Love is possible.


Where are you Freedom
Who no longer make up the symphony?
Who bought you was the longing