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Estimarte | a leader in art market information – startblog

Estimarte | a leader in art market information on startblog

The Start Tv Company come across this issue, give the Start with your new program, "the trunk open" supporting culture. Subscribe to the channel and check out the updates.

In the programming of the channel added artists and their stories behind the look with concept of several meanings, the most current value the works.

Due to the reciprocity of the Buana Lima, artist and a member of the Estimarte portal, here in Brazil, we start to spread, this matter in our Startblog and inaugurate our new grid of trunk open "about this follow-up as valuable cultural and arts. Follow our post and enjoy some of his works.

Image of disclosure: Artist Buana Lima

Can you imagine if the Brazilian artists could come into direct contact with the investor, collector, gallery owners and dealers? Would facilitate the lives of many, in time spent and searches for galleries to sales at auctions in Brazil, USA, Argentina and others.

With that, the Start Tv Company comes to honour the many artists, in addition to your creation, expressions, stories, until the presentation of your work, be it a painting, drawing, sculpture or art that is. We emphasize the artists with all your sensitivity in turn, giving life to something simple to the unusual. With a variety of ways and different looks to enjoy a single context.

Yes, there is a portal for 12 years, www.estimarte.com database, updated frequently to research following artistic and supports in the dissemination of the artists, adding his works to the portal. Now available the version in Portuguese, www.estimarte.com.br in which the Buana Lima, represents the Brazil as Director/partner with their Argentine partners, Federico Catz and Max Dietrich, make this bridge.

Disclosure image portal: www.estimarte.com

We Start Tv Company in addition to being a technological market-oriented company, we value the art, the artists and give importance to this support portal on dissemination of artists, to expand knowledge. As we have in the market quick ways to add cultures and traditions, why not recognize and publicize.

Below, we will speak of the Buana Lima, which has a very nice portal, where senior partner Estimarte.

Disclosure image portal: www.estimarte.com.br

My name is Buana Lima artist and journalist, living in Buenos Aires.

I'm a partner portal is the market leader in Argentina and throughout Latin America art www.estimarte.com the portal exists here in Argentina for 12 years, we assist investors, art collectors, gallery owners and dealers, we are like reference data base for various newspapers and media, among them the Clarin.

We decided to take the Brazil portal and do what we do here and in other countries, put the investor, collector, gallery owners and dealers in direct contact with the Brazilian artists. Did the Portuguese www.estimarte.com.br portal version which I am the principal and senior partner in Brazil along with my partners Argentines Federico Catz and Max Dietrich. We're just the bridge between the two sides.

Disclosure image of artists recommended by estimarte: www.estimarte.com.br

We don't do sales and even charge a Commission when they happen. The artists when requested by some of our customers, will make their own sales and business.

For the Brazilian artists will be part of the Estimarte family, will create for them, also a site of artists within the portal. In this way the artists are seen and visited.

Estimarte is a portal of news about Evangelist with the art market is only works we charge a 1 x rate this year on sale for $300 or $350 in 3 x credit card, for maintenance of the portal and investments in events that will do to the artists themselves.

Imagem de divulgação de artistas recomendados pela estimarte: www.estimarte.com.br

At the end of next year we will be doing an exhibition here in Buenos Aires for the artists of the portal, and can participate all artists Estimartes.

We are developing a project for auction on line. Many interesting things are coming.

As brazilian and artist, I want to open the doors in Latin America for the artists of my country. As it is in crisis that investors, investing in art. This is a good opportunity to circumvent the crisis and have the doors open to the world.

Disclosure image of artists recommended by estimarte: www.estimarte.com.br

To be part of our portal and sell his works throughout Latin America, send 15 images of his works with measures and techniques, your resume, your artistic career and your contacts to buana@estimarte.com that then we will make your site within the Portal. Then choose your form of payment and we will send the account number or the link paid market.

To contact Buana Lima

+5491155299836 | whatsapp | www.estimarte.com.br

Enjoy the Gallery, some of the work of artist Buana Lima #compartilhe

Enjoy the Gallery some of the work of artist Buana Lima

In Brazil the Estimarte is with an opportunity for gallerists, marchangs meet the gate, stay 3 months to understand how it works without membership in the inscription. Visit the link www.estimarte.com or www.estimarte.com.br and enjoy.

This was our start in the open suitcase program, follow the next subjects and learn a little of this universe.

Give a play on the video of this story and # share

We made a call and if you want to stay inside with more updates visit our channel www.starttvcompany.com sign up.

Until the next,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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