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Mark Zuckerberg | The importance of updates on facebook for business-startblog

Today, in our forty-sixth post here on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Photo:/Disclosure) Photo by Bloomberg: Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, along with teenage Brazilian Eduardo Saverin studied at Harvard had a great idea to create the largest relationship network, a College project that would eventually become a billion-dollar idea and known worldwide.

With a long journey of many events between them since your idea net revenues in 2004 of $150 billion in the range of 1.36 billion users on the platform. Follow our post and get to know a little bit about the success story of this great entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg Co founder of facebook, the importance of monitoring the news business these days.

Facebook during the following years innovated with releases on updates of versions, each year a novelty to add to platform.

In May 2007 facebook announced the Marketplace feature, the user adds in your free classified ads website. In November, facebook Ads came to life, bringing facilities to the entrepreneurial world. With the goal of creating campaigns to publicize their products, share information with friends, followers or to an open audience. The Beacon a social system of propaganda and advertising.

Facebook Pages businesses hosting pages of brands, products and services. In facebook Social Ads the user create their campaigns directed to your profile, friends and activities. On facebook insights companies share more detailed data with metrics and your performance.

Right now the technology is under development, we have to use them to our advantage. Before the traditional marketing was with abusive advertisements and interrupted. Nowadays the marketing used is the Inbound marketing, he creates a loyalty relationship with the client.

A great opportunity to make this platform your ally and grow your company numbers, level of customers, emails, sales, knowledge of your brand and other disclosures.

In addition to creating your campaigns directed to the your growth is a great platform to make friends, meet new cultures, exchange knowledge, access to information updated daily on your page. Mark Zuckerberg says that, for everything I've ever learned from the business model, "the advertising and e-commerce are the two major strands not only on Facebook, but the internet itself."

With the current events in the user search results high in June 2009 facebook entered the "user name" any accesses to your page directly by URL, making it easy to way to disclose. Facebook has overtaken Orkut, Tumblr, Twitter in 2012, when it became the largest social network in Brazil and in the rest of Latin America. Doing a big merger this year with the Instagram. Google and Twitter made proposal for Zuckerberg to buy, he didn't want to sell. As an entrepreneur focused on increasing your equity, followed with its investments. In February 2014 purchase WhatsApp for $16 billion, the largest amount paid when purchasing a mobile application (App).

As the latest data updated in June facebook reaches 2 billion users in your platform, every day 1 billion photos is posted, 10 million videos and uploads your use index is 5 billion minutes a day and more than 50 languages translated and others in development.

How about be inspired in this great story and create your Fanpage today divulge your brand, increase your networking, making new friends and succeed in your business.

Plan effectively your business on facebook.

Accompany the post on Startup and engage in this business model.

Until next time,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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