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Aaron Swartz - startblog

Today, in our sixty-third in the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(image/photo/disclosure) Aron Swartz
(image/photo/disclosure) Aron Swartz

We bring in this post a tribute to the young prodigy internet, Aron Swartz, join us on this reading and meet this young programmer, writer who had a major role in the world.

Since little had the ambition to ride your own company, Aron to 3 years of age, he already showed an IQ advanced, was very clever, playing with his brothers and always created games where enveloping self-knowledge. Highlighted among the brothers, knew exactly what he wanted, he taught them algebra, made presentations and moved on the computer like you've accessed several times.

Still small, he with his brother Well Swartz created a computer programme codes InfoBase. Had a great ease with the codes, was an outlet for all functions.

Believed in the power of information and knowledge sharing, with 12 years, created the page The Info Networking, such as Wikipedia, today, said that not everyone knew about everything, so brought General information, each person could insert your information knowledge. Won a school contest organized by the University of Cambridge.

He began his work programming, creating the RSS, professors and renowned on the market, did not believe that a kid could program codes so fantastic. This tool was able to extract information from a place, spreading to other internet resources. Other programmers said they needed knowledge and experience and he took off.

It was very focused on their goals, didn't like to learn traditional subjects, with teachers at the school, was doing her own research on the internet, related to history and education with effective ways in learning.

Many use CC Creative Commons licences, use and disclosure of online works. He was responsible in creating the rules for each license.

After year, entered Stanford stood out among the young. At the age of 19 years has created a site where were daily news reported from comedies like politics. Received offer to purchase up to $1 million, his brother Jacob, said Aron asked the father to keep so much money. They sold the company and moved to California. In 2006, couldn't take it and quit.

Felt that his life was something bigger, wanted to use it to do good to people. Had the privilege of meeting and was inspired by Tim Berners Lee, who joined the communication between the http and the server, over the internet.

This year, Swartz worked for Wikipedia as volunteer editor. Drew up an analysis of the content produced and published by the employees, known as "outsiders" Said, "the formatters help the developers, not the other way around".

Published in 2006, data on Open Library, made public the Government documents that had not been copyrighted in the US, has made available online, free to all.

In 2008, he founded the Watchdog.com after two years as co-founder of Demand Progress, worked on the implementation on the Proxy, http promotes an easy access to the browser. Released about 2.7 million of federal documents stored in the Database of the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records)

In the year 2010 dedicated Lab Fellow in the laboratory of research on Institutional Corruption.

Because of your passion for books, wanted to take all the people, through an online platform, bringing knowledge information by themes and authors worldwide. There was a difficulty for many to go to a physical Bookstore. Not agree not to be made available freely, this information society, sought public access to the public domain.

So was cause for some processes. Climbed to the platform several confidential files, after providing access to all the academic and scientific documents files.

He was accused by State and federal authorities by the use of the JSTOR digital repository, whose act was to access secret information of authorities and download a large amount of scientific journals and articles. Conducted over the network for campus visitors MIT, in this period, was a researcher at Harvard University, was arrested in 2011.

After being released in 2012, won approval of the campaign, which was very important, Stop Online Piracy Act (soup), based in fighting copyright infringement on the internet. Soon after, he faced difficult cases, your life practically was directed to legal problems.

Aron a smart kid who grew up fighting for a better world, seeking improved access to information and knowledge by giving people opportunity. Aron arrived at a difficult time in your life, had to choose to follow with your goals or declared himself guilty. I was sure I hadn't done anything wrong, but the fear was great.

In January 2013, comes to the world the news that Aron Swartz to 26 years if killed in your apartment. All worries to know that that boy with the engaging smile and deep eyes, felt deeply sad to the point of taking your life. In January, 2103, due to freedom of information act federal prosecutors withdrew all the charges.

According to the Wikipedia, family and companion of Aron Swartz declared, "He used his prodigious skills as a programmer and technologist is not to get rich, but to make the Internet and the world more fair and a better place".

His father, Robert Swartz, emphasizes, we can do something to make the world a better place? How can we perpetuate this legacy?

Aron felt small, but for thousands of people in the world like, hackers, teachers, families and friends have been to see this young visionary, being marked as the hero of the internet forever in history.

Knowledge is a precious source of information and the internet is a great research tool. Follow your goals and dreams.

Until next Friday CEO

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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