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Adaptation to biological clock - startblog

Today, in the hundred and thirty-ninth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Adaptation to biological clock on startblog

The human being follows during the year, the changes that occur in daily habits like, bedtime, eat, wake up and other activities of the body, such as emptying the bladder and the bowel, produce melatonin, cortisol and growth hormone. A part of the brain is responsible for biological rhythms.

We had a little change with the end of daylight savings time and have to adapt to get back to work, to school after the holidays and even the time zone when traveling, we know it's not easy. Track and check our tips to succeed to the effects of the changes.

The body registers the habits of the previous time the exchange and desynchronizes the mechanical and biological clock. Being important in all trades some care to balance again to change the mood and physical and mental efficiency.

It's been nearly a month since the exchange of time and some body take a longer time to get used to the routine. Since 1930 the daylight began to be worshipped in Brazil, being discussed academically from 1970. In the mid-13TH century the American Benjamin Franklin said that the time change was needed to generate "economy both in candles as in kerosene", according to researchers. He said his body temperature starts rising even before the time change, believed in destabilisation between body temperature and activity.

Adaptation to biological clock on startblog

Studies in Brazil concluded that the human body needs 14 days to adapt with the change of time bringing some changes in memory, lack of attention and sleep.

Cardiologists say they anticipate slowly pour time is ideal to move fractionally and the body used to it gradually. The suggestion of the week before, sleep five minutes earlier every day, thus minimizing the effects of the end of daylight saving time.

We know the importance of balance for a healthy life, being essential to the progressive fractionation for a soft change rather than perform a radical change.

Another tip is to dine at the same time, so will be able to go to bed without the feeling of a full stomach or swollen and will help you to have a peaceful sleep and sleep needed. Indicated to avoid the energy, coffee and soda in some cases can awaken.

Adaptation to biological clock on startblog

Companies concerned with health and wellness advise eating in the morning, fruits with vitamin C as the kiwis, strawberries and oranges. Help the immune system and strengthen the attention, getting more awake and sleepless. During the afternoon the magnesium-containing foods like bananas, nuts, dried fruit and others. Bring the relaxation of muscles and prepare the body for sleep.

Adaptation to biological clock on startblog

Practice of activities before bedtime as, play video games, stay on the computer and watch tv, indicated is up to half an hour before bedtime. Similarly, silence the environment by turning off all electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and Ipad. In other cases, there are people who enjoy healthy entertainment to sleep like reading, listening to music, can be good.

The elderly can take up to a month for an adaptation, as most don't have a restful sleep having a minimum change can cause changes in the body and asleep. In relation to medicine and meals indicated is then the clock, without having to do the math and stressing. For children recommended by doctors is to let them keep up of them.

Adaptation to biological clock on startblog

The seat changes in blood pressure heart. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the recommendations and avoid too many efforts.

With the advance of 1 hour of clocks, the day's longest in the subtropical, due to the position of the Earth relative to the Sun. A reduction in electricity consumption during the period of greatest demand. Encouraging outdoor activities until later and leaving the sunshine brighten the House until you need to turn on the lights.

This stage generates an expectation economy around $7 billion, representing the value that would be to invest in electric system to meet higher consumption. Have quality sleep and wellness.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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