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Advancement of technology in treatments-startblog

Today, in our sixty second on the Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Facial palsy reaches 70% being Brazilian 80000 can a recovery without sequelae. Imagine 32 uniform movements muscles to get a laugh. And suddenly your face outage happens. Join us and meet some cases.

The Netherlands is a country that invests in the health sector, in the treatment of facial paralysis. Becomes enjoyable to practice of medicine with the advancement of technologies in efficient results. They help in planning surgery in reenactments of the face, adding to all. Expand every day access to platforms and virtual devices, giving options to patients to health care.

PFP (peripheral facial paralysis) occurs by various factors such as interruption of nerve conduction, traumatic factors; car accidents, infectious; meningitis, ear infections, herpes, metabolic; diabetes, pregnancy and others.

The Crystal Touch clinic applies the method of rehabilitation NPR, Neuro Facial treatments Proprioceptive, they help the patients recovery in cases of facial paralysis and reconstitution of the movements.


The interesting thing is that during treatment, the focus is on the emotional, right side of the brain rather than the massive activation with exercises to activate the left side.

Use daily features as exercises in front of the mirror for visual awareness, increase blood circulation, muscles, massage, soft tissue extensibility, decreasing the resistance and dermal edema, relieve side effects, stimulate the motor points, mimes and strengthening every day the emotional side.

Clinical practitioners report that there are various techniques used in the treatment of paralysis as: proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, cryotherapy, massage therapy.

Prevent the patients look in the mirror for himself feel sensation in your face. Gain strength to react naturally and leave a smile.

The treatment depends on the individual case and patient. Had an affair in Brazil, with a globo reporter, she had the face paralyzed during a recording, it was the case in this clinic, getting high after 3 years, in 5 sessions.

Performed scientific research in frequent cases, unrestricted, contractures and facial pain related. Bringing fantastic results in the recovery of facial movements in the muscles, tissues and appeared.

To learn more about this method, click here the link of the clinic.

We brought some results, where the technology was important in the lives of many. Existing doctors and professionals dedicated to the evolution of its patients, rescuing the self-esteem to live a full life.

Until the next post,

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Start Tv Company

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