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Airbnb | Know the success story - startblog

oday, in our hundred eighth here on Startblog, the series, company Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Founders: brian chesky joe gebbia and nathan blecharczyk

Once upon a time, young entrepreneurs of the company management your into Airbnb after inspiration in the drawings of Walt Disney, join us in reading and learn how methods maximized a high growth entrepreneurs impacting on the world market.

In 2008, San Francisco, California, young graduates Brian Chesky, Industrial designer and your colleague Joe Gebbia on tight budgets to pay the month's rent, had 3 inflatable mattresses in the apartment and decided to rent the space, living room, kitchen and the back room with entitled to breakfast with toast.

A few months later, a new partner, the engineer Nathan Blecharczyk joined the team. An idea planned for 1 month, won after 8 years $25 billion. The inspiration of the name of the startup Airbnb, Air Bed & Breakfast, literally translated means air, bed and breakfast.

An idea a differential is extremely important when we're talking about customer service. One of the founders of Airbnb, Brian Chesky has created the user-focused company, in time to provide the services you think as if it were the client providing the best experience possible for each a seeking a quality service.

Startblog post - Sixth CEO - Airbnb

As the first experience of rent of the mattresses were 3 different profiles, saw a broad market to develop an online platform to details and start the company. As the manager of the Latin America Airbnb says "and what was basically to pay the rent, that website that they did in one night turned out to be the Airbnb, turned out to be a great idea".

In 4 years after the airborne platform, the company became the main platform for hosting deals. In addition to offering accommodation the user advertises houses, apartments between other objects registered for free. All the client's transaction occurs through the platform and app.

Disney World has always been an inspiration for Brian in love with architect and construction, since their comings and goings to the magical world of fantasy, brings the great Walt Disney entrepreneurs teachings for the company.

All the time Brian, seeking the evolution "Customer Success" customer success, involving the user since the customer involvement with the brand and people will interact along the way. In many interviews, Brian quotes the attendance "11 stars" refers to the super service, beyond the imaginable, in addition to the pampering he knows what its customers like and anticipates surprising, taking care and attention to each.

Startblog post - Sixth CEO - Airbnb

Brian Chesky reports that your great idea came from Walt Disney specifically "snow white" was the first time that made use of a storyboard in an animation. Between strokes and scribbles, hired Pixar professionals and found a way to link Airbnb users and start the "journey of the consumer".

This journey brings a new look to the main product offered by the Airbnb, the trip. They had the focus on lodgings and when understood the vision expanded beyond imaginable, with this, the company grew and from this moment began the "neighborhoods Airbnb" providing local programming.

This moment was the start of the global vision of the company, the client receives the hosting package coupled with various experiences that make all the difference to the consumer. In the same way that when buying the ticket to the Disney parks, goes far beyond imagination, you experience all the history and almost becomes a character. This experience this great entrepreneur had the balcony, bring far beyond what users are looking for. In addition to excellent service make each one to go through the experience, feel the difference.

Offer for rent above 2.3 million properties, several exotic places like shark aquariums, castles in Tuscany, tree houses in the Amazon forest, igloos, House on the deserted Beach, scene of the twilight movie.

(Image / photo / disclosure) website: airbnb.com.br

From the beginning sought ways to fund startup and investors until they created cereal boxes customized for presidential campaigns. Entered the incubator Y Combinator, in Silicon Valley. Studied the falls in rents in apartments in New York and decided to improve the quality of the images published on the website. Went door to door to take quality photos, had an increase in turnover of the city to US$400 a week.

There was a House vandalized by guests in 2011 and Brian repaired all the damage, according to Fortune magazine. Had meetings with the Council and decided to insert a US$50.000,00 insurance. Always thinking on quality of services to users.

Airbnb in Silicon Valley ensures your ranking among the 50 most innovative companies in the world, by providing vacant rooms in a competitive hotel market in the world. Today the largest shared economy segment of the startup world, operates over 34000 cities in 190 countries.

The young CEO billionaire younger doing your own fortune, to 26 years when he started the Brian Chesky guarantees on Division of percentages, an amount close to $3.3 billion.

Do it, believe it and move on

The great teaching of these young entrepreneurs is to follow with your idea, form a team and give it your best shot. The deals appear to extinguish need people so far had, show the market profitable solutions. As Joe Gebbia says, "I can't say that we change the world with Airbnb, but, of course, changed the way people have experiences in my life." They saw the problems of users and were behind to resolve by keeping the quality in the services offered.

This was one of the reasons of Airbnb's success and these young entrepreneurs who believed the experience behind the product offered to the user.

Please, believe me and move on.

Until next Friday, CEO.

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Start Tv Company

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