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Article 13 - Startblog

Today, in the seventieth hundredth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Article 13 - Startblog

A law that is in force in the European Union says that the use of the internet will be abolished. What? You must be wondering how something that has a ratio so big worldwide can overnight be exterminated. Exactly, follow our post and see that it is not an assumption but a fact that is living on borrowed time.

Die evolusie van tegnologie gebeur met groot vordering en innovasie troef elke nuwe vrystelling. Elke aksie het 'n reaksie, ons kan die begin van vervaardiging, die bedryf tans 4.0 en die aankoms van robotte in die alledaagse lewe van die mense noem. Daar sal altyd wees 'n kant in guns en een teen, in die dieselfde manier vir hierdie nuwe Wet.

Alvorens te oordelen en het nemen van een partij de vragen aan beide zijden doet. Bekijk de voors en tegens van de situatie.

On one side you have the favor of the freedom of expression with the aid of technology, the Internet, as a tool to reach various countries and people all over the world. A fast-spreading form of news dissemination of customs and culture in General.

Article 13 on Startblog

On the other hand you have great brands working day and night to provide the best content for users and suddenly have to receive several lawsuits for acts of users. As content also fall into the wrong hands and be distorted. Here is an example.

Article 13 on Startblog

Imagine you were in Europe a while ago, I was in the middle of a demonstration, the Government hired local Tvs 2 to cover the event. Currently, this same situation and place, 2 Tvs, however, more thousands of hundreds of cell phones filming, taking photo, doing Live, passing the Royal of what is happening to several types of channels and varied Affairs. You can see the extent of the content posted, without having control of the disclosure and that will be transmitted, that is, each has an attitude and way to pass the information to your viewer.

Well, if one of those people to do a Live on Facebook, wearing a Nike t-shirt, instead of brand search the person, will process directly the platform published the video, namely, imagine the amount of processes that these companies will receive daily. An example, facebook.

With this Law shall enter into force to avoid the amount of process relating to Copyright. Posted in our blog the history of Snowder, who created the copyright to the content published online, read the full article here.

Subscribe to the channel and follow the news, we'll post other news relating to article 13.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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