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Artificial Intelligence | Robots help pets - startblog

Today at hundred fifty-eighth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Large Silicon Valley companies invest in new technologies to new powerful digital age. Facebook, Google, Sony, Microsoft and others will take users to a new experience and soon the screens "viewers" will be replaced by glasses from other dimensions. The virtual world is a reality to the world of pets. Who says pets has no place in the technological world, you are outside. Join us and see how to ease your everyday life with the animals.

Click here and check out the playlist on Artificial Intelligence we posted various subjects. We know the importance of evolve with new technologies. Several amenities that add our day to day, leaving the practical. A mother wants to be next to your baby the whole time, it is not always possible. She needs sleep and do other activities throughout the day. With it came the baby monitors that are triggered when the baby is wanting something and they can a full-time monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence | Robots help pets on startblog
Artificial Intelligence | Robots help pets on startblog

Based on this care of the mothers with their premature, entrepreneurs saw a potential market visionaries. The mothers and fathers of the pets. 85% of the world's population have pets.

Specialists in the area of technology invested in a robot helper for the pets. The owners know how difficult it is to get out of the House and leaves them alone. This robot becomes a friend of pets, it monitors the animals when no one's around.

To facilitate and bring a very interesting product for pets and their owners, was introduced on the market in 2017, IFA in Germany "Pawbo Munch is a hit around the world. A robot that gives your pet snacks, a smart feeder with GPS, connected via 3 g and Wi-fi internet. And can monitor for smartphone APP.

Artificial Intelligence | Robots help pets on startblog
Artificial Intelligence | Robots help pets on startblog

In fact he is creative with games for your pet doesn't win easily biscuit, challenges with games for winning the prize. You can tell it's a distance training, they have to make a connection between the images equal to eating, stimulating the brain of the animal. In addition to cookies, select the amount of food and the timetables to feed them.

You can choose a playlist of songs for your pet to relax or record sound effects, your voice to call attention and amuse him.

Opting for a larger, purchase the fun Pawbo + coupled with a 130° angle camera and connects with eight people.

These were our tips to bring a fun technology and a care for their pets stay in good company. Learn more about https://www.pawbo.com/uk/

Until the next post about AI.

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