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Artificial Intelligence | The speed of information - startblog

Today at ninety ninety seventh post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Post velocidade da informação no Startblog

Revolutions occur to mark the evolutionary processes of science, technology, impacting human behavior. The first occurred with manual labor after electricity, allowing for mass manufacturing the third in the twentieth century with electronics, computing and telecommunications. The new media brought accessibility to any information in real time, just with an internet signal.

Before prime time, defined by Brazilian TV was the most watched. In modern times the internet available anytime and anywhere, we stay connected in real time. Follow us and see how the speed of information impacts the way we live.

Post velocidade da informação no Startblog

We know that the speed of light is constant in the universe, precisely 300,000 km / s. Our brain with all its neural plasticity can learn new things and store without limit of space, provided we use very little of the full capacity it allows.

The speed that information circulates in the digital world is in seconds and can have a positive or negative impact. A controversial report published in the morning, a few hours later, will reduce its impact, the next few days without any importance or remembrance. One news overlaps another quickly.

With the advanced speed in the online universe, user behavior has been adapting to a new digital reality. Before the communication by newspaper took days or more to be published, today they are processed, transmitted and shared to thousands of people in less than 1 minute and can be updated.

Post velocidade da informação no Startblog

Based on scientific analysis conducted at the California Institute Salk, the human brain has the ability to memorize about 670 million web pages. With so much information available, there is a growing search for information updates.

Can we say that people who question themselves full time and seek truth in the facts, filter the accessed content that comes to them, become mental. Or because they are more focused, they act quickly by processing new content as new ideas emerge.

We can still analyze that all this information acquired and the knowledge put into practice tends to be transmitted to memory for evolution of the species.

Post velocidade da informação no Startblog

Effectively, actions impact the relationship with everyone around them and record memories in their genetics. The man of centuries was mindful of the speed for his survival. Nowadays, it is focused on knowledge and how it will multiply your learning to others.

Globalization impacts directly and follows the same speed as changes in the media. Check out this post how to break time with technological evolution - the importance of communication - the 4.0 revolution and the full playlist about artificial intelligence.

The essential tool for success is mastering the mind, so you can accurately follow the revolution 4.0 that brings technological facilities added to human behavior. Just as we exercise our brains, machines are being taught to solve problems related to people and environments.

Robots accelerate steps and streamline processes. In addition to improvements in people's daily lives, they tend to revolutionize the scenario in agribusiness.

For for every profile there is market and all media available, there are competitors, even for innovation there must be challenges. Follow the market and be ahead.

Get your mind working and allow yourself to evolve.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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