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Back to school | Healthy and positive habit - startblog

Today, in our hundredth fifteenth here in Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Volta às aulas on startblog

At the end of the break, the return of classes can be a delicate moment for some children and young people, for others, love to return. Join us in reading and see the tips for children's health.

There are no records from the first moment on vacation in the country, what we do know is that they all pass by influences of traditions and cultures. Holidays in Brazil last on average from 60 to 120 days in July, December and January. And may vary the dates and durations, between public and private networks.

Volta às aulas on startblog

The noise of the signal plays, it's time to start a new period, some students come in with full force, full of energy, other, sleep in class until they adjust the wake up early, and of course, those who complain about the short duration of the vacation.

Doctors point out that students tend to be significantly more productive, due to the fact that rest the whole month, improving the stimuli, memory, attention, welfare and other benefits.

Volta às aulas on startblog

Guidance is recommended for children to return to class, adapting to a new routine of schedules and functions, use of the new material, knowledge of new materials.

The patient has to be this careful and balance to take their children in schools, leaving the meal, clothes, prepared the day before, for at the time of going to school, anticipating the departure of the first days, to analyze the most times.

Volta às aulas on startblog

One way to stay tuned to the care recommended by doctors, orthopedic surgeons is not to overload the weight on the backpacks, the ideal is to divide the weight so that the child does not take more than 10% of your weight. Can break down the materials in another notebook, Binder.

Pack: bag with two handle distributes the weight and if you have a strap that fastens at the waist, even better. The training wheels is a great option for smaller children, supporting your lancheirinha about the case or hanging in your body. Relieving the weight and taking care of the health of children and young people.

Volta às aulas on startblog

Adapt sleep so that each sleep needed. A week before, get in a routine post start of classes, is a good alternative to get used as sleep 30 minutes before, make a good diet with protein and grains, to respect the timetables and take responsibility. The ideal bedtime, stay in the dark, off life support technology. Obtaining a peaceful sleep and with a score of 90%.

Educate the child to a routine with timetables and teach what is right, respecting the friends, parents and elders is important.

Volta às aulas on startblog

There are several families, traditions and customs, every parent knows the best way to teach your children. To educate is a great and healthy Act. With these tips children can return quiet school and make the most of income.

Remembering the importance of knowledge to become adults capable, responsible and good nature. These were the tips of today.

Until the next post,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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