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Be as their actions - startblog

Today, in the hundred and forty-ninth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

There are rules to live in society. The human being to make a decision, he acts in macro, namely, he stops thinking about himself and looks at the situation in a whole. Assuming the risks that your posture involves your back. Join us and see the importance of knowing why be honest and act with respect.

To have actions of good does not end in simply be and act correctly it is important to do the questioning of the purpose. Routine situations tend to be good because they must be respected. Or are obeyed because they are good! This is the key to the autonomy that the ordinary citizen must have to live harmoniously in society.

On the education of children in some cases are placed as charges, it is wrong to swearing, don't hit your little friend, be polite when you win a gift, don't touch the toy that is not your. For them to learn and take to life and become responsible adults is recommended to show them with the explanation because it is not right to act in this way.

Bring through stories examples with arguments, putting in evidence the values and principles that are behind this behavior. So, when adults aren't around to learn the position by itself.

See the importance of teaching with respect to clarity around, this way the human being has, from an early age the character formed based on the principles, resulting in the autonomy of their choices.

In the same way as group activities, they need a leader has the rules your importance to the harmonious relationship. In the United States the law is created and enforced by the citizens, an example of this is the pedestrian stepping on track for crossing, the car at the time of the citizen, the cars when they run into a stop sign, even if you don't have motion they stop, look and follow. Another example is the cyclist riding on the sidewalk is fined and served and require you to do a social penalty, with deliveries of food the children in institutions.

Could cite several facts that are respected, and that the need is civility and you put yourself in the place of another. When everyone does your part, all will have great results.

By taking this position in autonomous, professional and personal life, any situation that is not worthy will not be able to pass without expressing your position.

Consciously assume their actions and growth through the conviviality with the similar will be formidable.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

#cidadania #civismo #acoesdobem #civism

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