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Ben & Jerry's | Peace, Love & Ice Cream - startblog

Today, in the 100th and 60th post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Ben & Jerry's | Peace, Love & Ice Cream on startblog

(Image/photo/dissemination) marks: BEN & JERRY's

Delicious cold known worldwide, famous for your creaminess with pieces of something more like, banana, almonds, cookies and brownie. Funny names like Chocolate Therapy, Chunky Monkey, Karamel Sutra, among others. Join us in the curious story of BEN JERRY's ice cream & and know the potential of the brand.

(Image/photo/disclosure) ice cream: BEN & JERRY's

Are known to be hippies and take any color new age for packagings transforming them into exotic. The friends that say "have fun doing frozen delights and helping the next" in addition to being socially responsible with good actions make a lot of money.

To launch a successful product it is essential to be something you like, in the case of the mark, was no different. Since childhood were hippies and fascinated by ice cream. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield felt the need of an ice cream that would please the taste of them, even though he lived in the United States with several options on the market, none of them liked them, they wanted something else. Compare a course via mail for $5 on "manufacture of ice cream" from Penn State University and decided to bring them up to your own line of products.

(Image/photo/disclosure) Founders: BEN & JERRY

Indont $12 thousand inaugurating the first ice cream shop in the day 5 May 1978 in the city of Burlington in Vermont. Located at the gas station that was renovated and honored with the name Well & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream Parlor.

The sorbets were produced with natural ingredients and selected, milk from local producers to enhance the work of the region and soon became known, became famous in local communities.

(Image/photo/disclosure) BEN & JERRY’S

At the beginning, released 12 flavors for sale. The differential due to the taste of Ben who liked to taste was the large pieces of chocolate, fresh and dried fruits brought the brand personality and innovation of the American market in this branch.

Since the first celebration of the store on the day may 5, recorded the day "Free Cone Day" a day that they distributed free ice cream for all consumers. With the success of the date until today, a tradition of the brand Ben & Jerry's, this year's celebration is on 40° Edition by the records, have been distributed over 1 million free ice cream. Another marketing campaign for brand action was the launch of a free film festival, designed the wall's ice cream during the summer.

(Image/photo/disclosure) "Cowmobile"

Another balcony to enlarge the public was in 1980 they, left in a van Volkswagen Squareback to deliver ice cream in 500 ml jars to grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants throughout the region. The sorbets were packed in a shed, an old factory, which they rented for the purpose. During the year, innovated with new flavors like mint oreo cookie pieces and vanilla with chocolate.

In 1981 they released the first store franchise system, located in the town of Shelboune in Vermont. In the year of 1982 had to change your first store, due to the gas station be demolished for the construction of a parking lot. In 1983 opened the first store outside of the State in the city of Portland in Maine, the pots of ice cream Ben & Jerry's began to be distributed to other ice cream, re-sell, in Boston.

In 1985 the company started supporting your charitable projects and created the Foundation Ben & Jerry. This year they released a flavor, developed by Ben, and suggested by a writer from New York. The milk chocolate ice cream with nuts, chocolate-covered almonds and flakes, also in white chocolate option, called "New York Super Fudge Chunk."

(Image/photo/disclosure) BEN & JERRY’S - Current company initiatives

In 1986 they open the doors to consumers monitor the production process of the ice cream factory, had been inaugurated the previous year. That same year, a new action, the "marketing drive" worked the same way, the first vehicle "Cowmobile" van adapted and painted with cow skin, Ben Jerry directed and distributed ice cream & free, after 4 months with the project the van caught fire. Not discouraged, followed and adapted the second vehicle, called "Cow II" driving by the United States, during the stock market Crash in New York, distributing several flavors of ice cream.

In 90 ice cream "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough", vanilla flavour with chunks of cookies and chocolates selected was released after five years of research and testing, a success.

(Video/image/disclosure) BEN & JERRY's-Triple Caramel

At the end of the 90 were already more than 80 ice cream Well & Jerry's. Over time, initiate international expansion as Canada, Israel, Russia and Brazil. With distribution of its products in England, France, Japan and Peru.

Many of the flavors were honored and created with a purpose as the Smooth, in Chunks. Advertising campaign backed by Pete Seeger, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Bobby Seale and others. The "Doonesberry" Sorbet tribute to the comic character "Doonesbury" as the Phish Food the band in the State of Vermont.

(Video/image/disclosure) BEN & JERRY's-"The idea too crazy" campaign

In 2000 the company Ben & Jerry's was sold to Unilever for $ $348 million by pledging to keep all designs and style. In 2001 expanded options for consumers by launching new products such as sundaes, milkshakes, smoothies and ice cream cakes and every year a novelty and launch with new products.

In 2014 the mark your first shop opened in Brazil. Unilever, the anglo-Dutch company, studied the market for five years. Decide, after analyzing the behavior of Brazilians, open the first unit. Experts say that market are set to pay more for ice cream. According to records from the ABIS, Brazilian Association of industries and the ice cream industry Brazil is the fifth largest market in the world, representing 5.7% of overall sales of ice cream.

(Video/image/disclosure) inauguration of the ice cream shop in Brazil-Sao Paulo

The first store was opened in Sao Paulo in Oscar Freire Street is the largest among their branches in the world. They had to choose some of the flavors, they said it was a difficult choice based on delights. The ball is sold for $10; two 14 balls and 3 balls for R$17, and in the United Kingdom, the 500 ml pot costs £5.

(Image/photo/disclosure) benandjerry.com.br-cemetery page of flavors

The client can enjoy the delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream with cookie dough and chocolate flakes, all the flavors are well served with pieces of ingredients. Worth knowing one of the drives and try a waffle cone made on time, accompanied with the ice cream flavor of choice.

The brand has a funny language, the site has a page dedicated to the flavors that are out of the market and are honored with a lot of humor.

(Vídeo/imagem/divulgação) O JERRY BEN- & bastante louco

The factory located in the Worcester Range, near the town of Waterbury in Vermont, one of the main attractions is the Flavor's Graveyard, cemetery of flavors with tombstones on lawns and have the opportunity to meet the "Cowmobile".

Open to the public, pay a fee of $4 to visit. In addition to knowing the whole process of production, brand story, success of Ben Jerry's, & on output, are distributed free sample of flavors and can buy the ice cream in the store.

Visit the site and get to know one of the units to enjoy delicious ice cream from Ben & Jerry's.

(Imagem/foto/divulgação) website: benandjerry.com.br

Currently is the second largest brand in the world. Over 600 ice cream in the world, are 35 countries and are close to 18 American States, surpassed 2,000 points 2, sale of products. The brand has annual revenues in excess of $600 thousand and in the United States are 36% of the Premium ice cream market. The most well-known Slogans are "Peace, Love & Ice Cream, Different Ice Cream Make a Difference and Great Ice Cream & So Much More!".

The Ben Jerry's treasure by & buying milk in small family businesses, promoting micro-enterprises by turning capital.

This was a bit of history of success of these friends who felt a need in the market and decided to settle with delicious ice cream the world innovating. Proactive and entrepreneurs focused on the goal. Do as these friends and open your business.

Until the next post CEO,

CEO | Starttles

Start TV Company

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