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Bill Gates & Microsoft - startblog

Today, in our fifty-fifth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(image/disclosure) Bill Gates: microsoft
(image/disclosure) Bill Gates: microsoft

Bill Gates tells us that inside his brain is full of software that works without stopping and that won't ever change. Follow our post and get to know the success story.

A visionary entrepreneur who invented the software industry, uses of intelligence for aggregating the technological market opportunities. Built an empire thinking in a whole new way. Him with your invention transformed an era, with your fortune in billions.

Competitive since the games in your computer, Bill Gates caused an impact on the age of the new times.

Could settle with the fame, but was not his style. Competitive, see the challenges as an exciting game.

It's in your DNA, your great-grandfather James Maxwell, he founded First National Bank Seattle, your son in this market, was among the civilian leaders of Seattle. His daughter Mary became a student leader of Washington, influencing many. At the University, Mary, do you know your love, Bill Gates Jr. studied law. 1951 they married, giving up on your career. They had a daughter before Bill Gates III.

(image/disclosure) Bill Gates
(image/disclosure) Bill Gates

His mother had a close relationship with Bill, leading him in College, in the lectures that was doing in Seattle schools. Bill read for hours the encyclopedia, was testing his skills on the trays and loved playing monopoly, loved to challenge, was very competitive.

As very intelligent, influenced all your back. By the age of 11 years becomes emotionally independent, being difficult for parents to deal with their will.

In 1969 in high school, the computers of that era in NASA research, were expensive. He fell in love with the machine, his father, William Gates, Bill, in the morning, wake up to pass your time next to the computer.

A long side Paul Allen, veteran became friends, including some written codes, competitions, fought among themselves, Paul Allen saw that he could not continue without his friend and returns, Bill takes in charge.

When Bill had 15 years ago, in 1970, entered the market and profited R$40 thousand reais with-Traf Date Seattle traffic controller program.

Bill had the scent of good business, knew exactly what contracts were to be closed, even if with the Senate.

The duo begins to speak in open the own company, wanting to get out of school, parents have demanded to end the studies, Harvard. To your passion has always been the computer spent over matters to do your part. Abandoned mathematics and the right to devote himself to the computer.

In 1974, Paul Allen when reading the magazine, Popular Electronic, announces the first world Altair 8800 computer, soon went to show the Bill, the wonder was, carrying power and dynamism and see the evolution.

The manager responsible for the computer was looking for a software that ran on the computer, Bill and Paul, worked days at Harvard to develop, delivering in 1975, driving the Altair. nt-->

With 19 years, Bill and Allen founded Microsoft, Bill was a business man and saw many young people of your age, created several codes and copied, and they were big nerds and hackers. Bill disliked, even wrote a letter to computer lovers saying "As most people who use computers must know, many of you steal software, the Hardware must be paid, but the software must be divided ... who cares if the people who worked on it will be paid, is that fair?"

(image/disclosure) windowscentral: Microsoft
(image/disclosure) windowscentral: Microsoft

A new look for new ethics for this market, others saw him as a traitor. The Manager, Robert and Bill had many conflicts, and the last in 1977, Bill on product marketing, wins the software developed for another company.

In 1978, Microsoft expands and begins to develop new software languages, billing R$ 2,000,000 .00 investing the new change to the homeland Bill, Seattle.

As a businessman he took your car and followed to make sales in several cities, had support from your mom, very influential, with that have the opportunity to meet the Founder of IBM. Bill was a kid, don't take him seriously to convince the changes and developments that could make. They didn't have the software, he decides to buy the Intel processor (MS-DOS), which had developed for a company. Paid $50,000, innovated and sold for $8 million remaining with the license, in fact, one of the large balconies.

From 1978 to 1981 grows incredibly, increasing the sales profit of 8,000 R$ million R$32 million. In 1983, Microsoft had already 30% on computers running the operating system.

Bill with this urge to innovate focused on growth and increased profits. All wondering who were these young men who led the Microsoft, making a difference and opening the doors for large transformations.

In 1983 with 23 years with the high demand of software and the icon of the era of the personal computer. Paul was diagnosed with cancer and Bill was shaken.

In 1986 he won his R$ 280milões reais on sales. In 1986 Microsoft Windows hits the market and Bill sees far, while Steve Jobs has focuses on Macintosh sales.

This small difference in the look of the Bill makes that users update the versions every year, retaining the brand. There is a market for all, preferably Apple and Microsoft.

This competition claw has always existed in the Bill and Steve, were in court, Microsoft WINS with the single function of Windows.

Bill invests in your team to develop a new version of the software running the risk of losing your connection with IBM, believe in the ability and all of your team to obtain great results, it worked.

z/OS® IBM, not engaged in the market, Microsoft follows leading technological market.

After the events of the years, in 1997, Bill runs to catch up in the market, I was losing their customers to Netscape. Launching the browser Explore, being installed on all Windows computers, generating processes to Microsoft.

(image/disclosure) Dwayne Newton/AP: Bill Gates with your creation​
(image/disclosure) Dwayne Newton/AP: Bill Gates with your creation​

After the events of the years, in 1997, Bill runs to catch up in the market, I was losing their customers to Netscape. Launching the browser Explore, being installed on all Windows computers, generating processes to Microsoft.

In 2008 total dedicates the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, & retires and serves as Chairman of Microsoft and Advisor in the development of large projects.

The world is not concerned with your self-esteem. The world expects you to do something useful for him before you accept it.

As a great man, brought great changes in the computer market. Had many awards over the years, elected by Time magazine among the 100 most important people of the century.

With your minimum participation at Microsoft sells $80 million shares each season, predicted the deprivation until 2018.

After consecutive years, Forbes announces your position as the man more Rico, in may, your wealth reaches $76 trillion Bill is still elected the man more Rico in the world. Says that when he dies, 90% of your fortune, will be donated. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has surpassed Bill, check here.

This was more of an entrepreneurial history, do as Gates, is beyond its limits, competitor and think about the future and engage in expansion. We suggest the movie, Pirates of Silicon Valley.

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Until the next post,

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