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Buana Lima | Who is this “artist” painter of cheerful colors? - startblog

Buana Lima | "Artist" painter of cheerful colors

Start Tv Company comes through this story to continue its “open bag” program with good stories from great artists, supporting the culture.


In today's channel story, let's honor an artist who was inspired by another artist by painting her pool wall. It brought the will, clear and objective vision. It followed with flexibility in its pace and phases. Buana Lima, an artist who has been in the market for 20 years, in addition to telling her story, brings news for children and adolescents to engage in this artistic universe through a new portal.


This time, the article on Startblog follows the words of artist and journalist Buana Lima. Follow and stay on top of news in this niche.

Image: Artist Buana Lima

My birth name is Cristiane Alves de Lima. I was born in a very simple small town called Cachoeiras de Macacú in the state of Rio de Janeiro. From an early age I had some contact with art. I saw my father making panels with various materials, carving some pieces of wood, making masks and tiles and always listened and saw pictures of my mother who at some point in her life was on the stage singing in her teens. She was a shy child who had a dream of getting married, having children, and a big house with a pool. My biggest dream as a child was to have a family and a daughter named Brenda.


Well, I grew up, life has changed time has passed, the city is another and to sum up the story, today I have a daughter named Brenda who is 23, just as I wished, I also have the house with pool so dreamed, but as the time does not stop, it took a Hugo Sergio, the early today who is 8 years bringing new teachings.

Image: Artist Buana Lima

Dreams are never enough, when achieved there is already a need to achieve other dreams more. To be complete requires more than children, it takes more than material things, to be complete requires knowing that we are capable of creating things, beautiful or ugly things, but things that are ours, that have come out of the depths of our souls, and that often only we know what they mean and their real importance. To have projects and carry them out is not to stop living!


The beautiful thing is being evaluated by critics and lay people and receiving the messages analyzed by thousands of different looks and the most beautiful is knowing what we create CAUSE. It has an effect on people and not indifference. It doesn't matter if the effect it causes is love or dread, while your work causes it is a sign that what comes from you strongly conveys some message, which will cause someone to react to what you have created, and not to go unnoticed In the world is fantastic. For me as an artist, people's gaze at what I do reveals their thoughts and often judgment as well.

Image: Artist Buana Lima

And when we sell what we create the pleasure is almost mind-blowing because they are loving what we create, in fact, they are loving what is important to me, which is part of me, that they are actually buying a little of what I am and Everything I lived.

Image: Artist Buana Lima

Behind a work there is always a story that is often intrinsic in the midst of colors and images abstracted or not, figurative or not. But the message, even if it is never understood or even understood, is there, and only its creator knows.

Disclosure image: Artist Buana Lima

Every story has a beginning and I began to explore my story through a man I hired to paint the backyard wall near the pool of my house. The artist is a nature artist, he is born this way, he is simple, this painter painted completely drunk and yet a beautiful NAIF landscape was born, which I kept staring at for hours until he finished, every trace of this man was stamped on my soul, and after he is gone. I made the decision, that's what I want to be: Painter! I bought canvases and paints and got courageous and started doing like him, NAIFS paintings and things were happening, Cristiane gave space for the birth of the artist Buana Lima. (name I took from a cartoon of the time, which featured some screaming Afro-descendant characters, Buana, whom my daughter still drinks watched).

Image: Artist Buana Lima

Buana It was an endless story, and to this day I remember that painter painting that wall. Maybe he doesn't even know, but he was my great inspiration, because he was doing all that drunk, but he did it with mastery, with love, with his soul. He the painter Beto, should be with his soul full of heartbreak and many sorrows, but still beautiful, because he was noble, was a soul of born artist. I decided to be something like him, I am a didactic artist, I never wanted to perfect myself in courses and improve my features, because even though very simple my paintings is something very mine, which is only part of my own effort, my difficulties in time. create.

I love to paint flowers, but my flowers, are flowers of Buana Lima really, I would love to paint those perfect flowers but from my effort comes only what comes out, what I get, but come out with love and after ready I say, this is Me.

Image: Artist Buana Lima

My painting is loaded, exaggerated and excessive. And I came to the conclusion that this is my mark, who like my painting will have to like the excess, in color, in figures in emotion in love. Over the course of these more than 20 years of career, I have gone through many different stages. NAIF, ABSTRACT, FIGURE, EXPRESSIONISM.

Enjoy in the gallery works with flowers by artist Buana Lima

There was a time when I lived with people and focused on them and abstracted them a little on the canvas, and when I made exposure with these paintings, oddly enough, they were the ones that drew the most public attention, and so I sold several friends of mine . The characteristics of my painting have always been a lot of color and exaggeration.

As I said I love to paint flowers, but I can't paint a miserable little flower, it has to be the abundant vase. And the house critics say this is exaggerated, there is too much flower there, I answer: So it's ready! When I die I want to be remembered as the painter of cheerful colors, abundance and exaggeration. I believe we have to be so much in this life, to want so much, to love so much, to create so much, to do all that is good, so much.

Photo gallery with Buana Lima and family

Today I live with Hugo and Brenda in Buenos Aires, I keep painting, exhibiting and working with art, because I understand that art frees people, makes them safe, raises their self-esteem and gives you a direction in life. Today I have 2 art portals. One for adults and one for children that is in full growth, in a few days will be on the air Universe Art Kids, a portal that will be the point between painting children and adolescents with investors, children's art has and should be so valued As for adult art, art is art and it has nothing to do with age.

Kids Art Universe

(We will be at Art Kids Universe paving the way for young artists to showcase their talent and be recognized. And Estimarte.com is an art market information portal and we are all over Latin America and also serve as a bridge between artists and investors).

Artist Buana Lima

E-mails - buanaestimarte@.com | info@universoartkids.com

Check out the Estimarte portal www.estimarte.com.br researches on artistic follow-up and also supports the dissemination of artists and their works on the portal.

Disclosure image from Estimarte.com.br portal (Brazil)

:) Under construction | Art Kids Universe


Art Kids Universe will open the way for young artists to showcase their talent and be recognized.


Coming soon in the air Universo Art Kids, a portal that will be the point between painting children and adolescents with investors, children's and adolescent art. The value for art, no matter the age.


This was one of many stories in the open bag program, follow the next articles and know a little of this universe.


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To the next,

CEO | Starttles

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