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Business Recycling - startblog

Today, in our ninety-seventh here on Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Reciclagem empresarial on startblog

Junk corresponds to 5% of all the waste produced by mankind. A law was implemented on August 5 2010, Federal Law No. 12,305 being on the national solid waste policy, forcing the correct destination to such waste. In São Paulo there is a lot of junk being created State law 13,576 instituted standards for recycling, waste management and final destination. Join us in reading and learn where the importance of recycling electronics.

Using with performance, recycling electronics for the creation of new products and the reuse of materials for a new line. Each will be required to have clarity in the activities used as a means, first of all, contain content, dynamics and promote effective results. Ensuring the involvement of all of the company, in addition to the financial return.

And it is important that each person understands the importance in contributing with materials that will no longer use, contacting companies responsible for separate collection.

Several are the methodologies implemented in companies, Governments and communities focused on optimizing the impact of initiatives, innovating with an objective and strategic communication to bring the value of sustainability.

Reciclagem empresarial on startblog

The world of electronics recycling rate even compared with the overall recycling rate is low. Being important strategic implementation to identify the needs of organizations and individuals involved in the process for institutional strengthening.

In the process of recycling of electronics, called e-waste, the person undergoes a screening to find out the State of the materials that will be sent. In a well-functioning, directed the donation and that cannot be used, soon, will be dismantled and reused for the production of new products.

Carcasses are crushed and separated as the density. After this process, companies can sell to specialty companies that use polymers present in objects that were sent or are incinerated to generate energy, a process that is being studied because the substances released and some materials are used for testing of mechanical resistance.

The toxic materials are intended for the companies responsible for the storage of the components. The displays of mobile phones and monitors are separated according to your quality and distributed to companies that use as raw material. To recycle the glass of the electronics go to ecycle.com.br learn how it works and where to collect.

Reciclagem empresarial on startblog

Nowadays there are several supermarkets that separate materials, including the batteries intended for companies that perform the appropriate procedure.

There are computer components that do not yet exist to recycle sites in Brazil, being sent to the United States and Switzerland that have the appropriate technology for this recycling.

As the data to China and India are the most accessible countries for recycling e-waste, but those responsible for the collection and separation of materials don't use protection and discard materials in rivers, polluting and damaging environmental and population health.

In Japan the well-used practice among consumers is the return of the old phone to the stores responsible, appliances are melted at high temperatures, being taken to separation, getting the silver, gold and copper materials. The miners produce gold bars to with this process. The rest of the cellular material is transformed into fuel for machines.

Reciclagem empresarial on startblog

We have an emerging market that is booming. Several companies are seeking ways to reuse with a conscience. The need is to increase the capacity of the Country in companies investing with technological components and specialized machines to keep up with this growth.

To meet the e-waste and partnering for your company, go to elixo.org.br make a budget to collect waste electronic waste, or e-waste.

The company accepts, toner, video control, sound, radio box, cables, motherboard, video card, computers, Cd room, computer Board, connectors, CPU, HD, stabilizers, source, printer, modem, mouse, notebook, pen drives and other devices that are part of everyday day.

How, only a few countries have the accessible technologies important to seek sustainable ways to target the components without use, avoiding the unnecessary buildup. These were some sustainable and necessary tips to drive responsibly.

Until the next post,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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