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E-commerce – startblog

Today, in our ninety-fifth here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

e-commerce on startblog

E-commerce, e-commerce facilitates the life of many users who opt for online access, bringing more freedom and automation, once set all the functionality and design of your online store. Join us and understand the advantages of e-commerce.

The first events were on the market in mid-1979, Michael Aldrich brought through a modified Tv, Videotex, where the user could make online purchases. Calling later, tv shopping, nothing compared to the television shopping system, Pottery Barn style, this method is called telesales. After two years, Thomson Holidays, programmed the B2B system. Only in 1995 the company launched the first website. In the 90 e-commerce system was not necessarily linked to the website, as we are accustomed today.

The B2B Business to Business system is used in companies whose customers other companies. Marketing products are raw materials, machinery and on a large scale. The advantage is that the online platform makes the normal transaction, in the same way that the seller would, as registration, minimum order, taxes, delivery, inventory, shipping, payment and approval.

In the records of the history of e-commerce, the first user to perform an online purchase was a woman, Jane Snowball, in 1984. Performed by Videotex.

e-commerce on startblog

The B2C Business to Client system, companies that sell their products directly to the final consumer, as the Class Cement, offers in your online platform several sophisticated pieces, made in concrete to complement to your environment. Expanding for several types of services such as electronics, medicine, food, clothing and other.

Tim Berners-Lee marks the evolution of online searches, bringing the ease with the World Wide Web, expanding your home, bringing new habits. Over the years, examine new behaviors, accurate searches and actions of users on platforms.

In 1992, card payments has been enabled. In 1995, as brought on Fridays CEO, in Startblog e-bay and Amazon mark the history since system, confirms the full story in the link.

E-commerce is a company that sells its products, becoming a scalable alternative, having the ease in the search of products by category, by selecting the filter of your choice. An online platform of its own, there is a mediator during the sale process.

e-commerce on startblog

Another category is the marketplace, in your various business platform, where they sell their products. A platform where she intercedes in charge, directing each company responsible, taking front of deliveries and taking responsibility for the quality of products offered online. For companies seeking a facility to sell their products online without worrying about the stock, sales, deliveries and other.

The new user held the choice for an online store on the basis of reduced costs compared to a physical store as rent, basic salary and Commission accounts of sellers. The practicality and ease in time to compare the value in the market and competitors. Have the comfort of job search, buy the products safely and get home.

Already Start Tv Company Store offers digital products with content and information such as e-books. In this category we cite the distance education, movies, games and other. Having a better result economically, compared with other online markets. No limit on stock, delivery logistics and physical expenses, the server makes the entire transaction.

E-commerce in Brazil is among the top 10 in the world rankings. Registering an increase of 22% compared to previous years, there are active this year about 600,000 of online stores.

e-commerce on startblog

E-marketing research point to a favorable growth for 2018, passing the mark of trillions of dollars, equivalent to 4.8%. Digital platforms play an important role for consumers, especially in the market, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa and North America, according to Retail Ecommerce Sites.

The main of Brazil in this sector is the Digital platform encompassing B2W brands Americanas.com, Shoptime and Submarine, making money in the $10 billion in 2015.

Magazine Luiza with revenues of R $2 billion and complementing your online store with physical stores and a cosmetics website. Others like Privália, Robert Magee, Saraiva, Dell, Renner, Ultrafarma still highlighted.

Expanding globally the Walmat.com on top of the biggest retailers, having the option of e-commerce and physical stores, increasing your revenue and potential customers. Followed comes with access in Brazil Aliexpress above 15 million users, eBay and Amazon.

Stay on top of market trends, according to the statistics of Sebrae, mobile access points, this habit expansion 24.2% of users, being instrumental in daily behavior.

Share in social media, the more publicized campaigns, increased the odds of reaching the target audience, capturing customers and finalize sales.

e-commerce on startblog

Develop your own application to facilitate the choice of products, find the nearest store and other options with an easy and straightforward language to the user.

On Amazon, the user chooses the products, receives at home test and returns for free if you don't like it, called convergence system.

In 2016 the Country won with the Black Friday R $1.9 billion. In 2017 were R $2, 2 billion billed in sales by electronic market. On mother's day in the Brazilian e-commerce had a record of R $1, 9bilhão, with a high of 16% over the next year.

In Brazil stands out on the web interest in fashion, health and beauty, home appliances, books and magazines, cellphones, computers, decoration, electronics in General, sports and laser and toys and games. The countries China, United States and United Kingdom are among the most accessed tops of e-commerce.

The market is tracking the behavior of users, applying new tools to facilitate the life of each one. Directing for a specific audience, divided by niches. Having option to all kinds of profiles. Bring technology to access daily, bringing positive results to the day to day.

Get inside, now that you know a little more about the electronic market, e-commerce create your online store, transform your product in a real investment and achieve your sales.

What do you usually buy on the internet? Already familiar with our online store,click here to invest in your business.

Until the next post,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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