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Today, in our hundredth thirteenth here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

(Image/photo/disclosure) 3D
(Image/photo/disclosure) 3D

The technological scenario grows apace in an emerging market and lucrative. Monitor these developments are key to understanding the remodeling to new concepts since the advent of 3D images current developments. Join us and learn the importance of the fab lab.

Records in the history show the invention of the device, created in 1938, stereoscope by British scientist Charles Wheatstone. Projected three-dimensional prints to the human eye, a realism out of the ordinary at the time. In 1890 in the United States and Europe there was a growing market in books illustrated with 3D images. The intent was to portray distant places to a civilization that still dreamed of globalization. With the changes in communication, years after, in 1984 the first 3D printing created by physical engineer Chuck Hull in California in the United States, technology used is Stereolithography. In 1989 the arrival of domestic printers by co-founder s. Scott Crump of Stratasys Ltd.

(Image/photo/disclosure) stereoscope
(Image/photo/disclosure) stereoscope

In 2014 the impressions have accelerated, passing the print of 25 to 100 times more, above average, having a great value to the market. Developed to a growth through a liquid medium, opening new doors for evolution before, made in layers. Showing options for areas such as medicine, automotive and aviation industries.

A new concept emerges in the prestigious University of the United States, the Massachusetts Institute of technology, MIT the fab Labs, "Fabrication Labotarory". Laboratories around the world and prepared with last generation equipment where hackers gather to make your project happen one way digital collaborative, called "Fab labs". Concept-aligned DIY do it yourself and open source hardware.

(Image/photo/disclosure) 3D printers
(Image/photo/disclosure) 3D printers

The fab labs together people engaged and achieve their projects using technology with prototypes and experiments. The idea caught on and spread labs around the world. Innovated to various sectors such as medicine, improve the lives of doctors and patients, one example is the establishment of the prosthesis designed for the Italian boy, developed in 3D printers for upper limbs. In the case of biomodelos, the doctor can predict another problem before surgery, avoiding the patient get in other future. Create replicas of bones or organs with CT scans results, print in 3D prototypes, reducing the time of surgeries by the case study before the procedure and changing the lives of many people.

In fab labs the frequenter performs your project from scratch with 3D printers and cutters and laser and can choose the membership. In the case of hackerspaces, both collaborative spaces with equipment for receiving people and carry out projects in various areas usually in hardware.

(Imagem/foto/divulgação) plotter
(Imagem/foto/divulgação) plotter

In all laboratories is necessary the presence of a fab manager and some specific professionals for the support of projects, helping in the machines, processes and software. There are 3 types of fab labs academics, professionals and audiences. Scholars receive the support of universities and schools, professionals generate profit from the projects carried out by the makers and the rent of space and machinery for companies, and must pay a fee for the use by hour, day or month.

The audiences are sustained by the Government, communities and research institutes. The Fab Lab Free SP provides labs for creativity, learning and innovation accessible to all to develop and create your designs. All labs are equipped with the minimum to open and industrial design software CAD, robotics, mechanics, electronics, clipping plotter, 3D printers, and more.

Another case is the Fab City is an international group of reflection, think tank bringing together citizens, Government, makers, urbanists and innovators focused on changing paradigms of current economy in industries. An articulating program that proposes implementation in cities around the world for local production turn them self-reliant and connected, more responsible and collaborative.

(Image/photo/disclosure) maker
(Image/photo/disclosure) maker

The MIT Media Lab, lab in the United States, founded in 1980, by MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte and Presidential Advisor, Jerome Wiesner. Their motto "the future is lived and not imagined" adds values to the Research Department of the school of architecture and urban planning from MIT.

Offers the individual the realization of your own design, bringing to reality the growth with work carried out by universities. The fab labs present great potential in professional training and the creation of smart devices. Seek each year undertake projects with assertive actions so that they reach as many of the factors involved in the process associated with the manufacture of products widely distributed. Adapting the needs of devices users or locations, bringing convenience and low cost mass production.

(Image/photo/disclosure) website: fablablivresp.art.br
(Image/photo/disclosure) website: fablablivresp.art.br

Economy growing, collaborative interventions among local groups prioritizing projects freely carried out in a horizontal hierarchy with strategy making "bottom-up", from the bottom to the top a flexible and spontaneous way, considered in the United States. The grassroots movement, "root" do changes in regions, Nations even internationally with local actions promoting these changes.

For entrepreneurs interested in opening a fab lab's requirements to be followed as, share tools with other labs, open the lab once a week free and participate in face-to-face groups and video. It is necessary to invest in 5 machines for the home such as laser cutter, 3D printer, sewing machine, drilling, milling and small format and a large vinyl cutter.

(Imagem/foto/divulgação) fablablivresp.art.br
(Imagem/foto/divulgação) fablablivresp.art.br

In Brazil the organization which helps in opening of digital fabrication lab is the Fab Lab Network Brazil, Executive Director Heloisa Neves says that to be part of the network you need to get in touch. She was one of the persons in charge at the opening of the first fab lab at Brazil, Insper Fab Lab in São Paulo at FAU-USP and the Garage Heloísa helped his partner Eduardo with Marcos to open this lab, have invested RS 150,000 .00 for opening of the unit. They opted for a sustainable company for a lucrative return created the business spin-offs render service for 3D printers, sell filaments for them and print miniature people. The general public of the Garage are students of design, engineering and architecture.

With the new entrepreneur profile, there is a continuous growth every year by seeking to invest in new units and in the increase of regulars. The associates are spread across cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Florianópolis, Brasília, Cuiabá.

Having the interest elsewhere in the world the responsible is the Fab Foundation an organization American who helps people to put the action plan into practice. In Silicon Valley, Japan and Netherlands the labs are sought-after professionals.

Visit the Fab Lab Free SP here check out the various courses and units, working one day a week is free to use without linking the institution.

Fab Lab on Startblog
Fab Lab on Startblog

Stay tuned in the digital world and improve the knowledge on innovations and technology. Check out the free courses like, modelling, introduction to drone, character creation and animation with blender, modeling and 3D printing, carpentry workshop, digital drawing with Inkscape.

You will be surprised to see the amount of fab labs around the world. Innovate in fab labs and give life to your project.

Until the next post,

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