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Coffee Contexto - Startblog

(Image-Photo) Coffee Contexto
(Image-Photo) Coffee Contexto

According to the dictionary meaning of "contexto" is set of circumstances around an event or a situation, based on a name that ever involves, we Start Tv Company were for one hour in this pleasant café, where the perception of time, does not exist.​

(Image-Photo) Coffee Contexto
(Image-Photo) Coffee Contexto

At this time we would like to meet new people, make a network, access the notebooks (offered by them), admiring a diverse audience, listening to a nice sound and tasting a delicious lemon cake, along with the cake anthill, simply delicious to the taste from traditional to sophisticated. Soft, with fillings in the right amount and lightly heated that makes all the difference.

(Image-Photo) Lemon Cake in Café Contexto
(Image-Photo) Lemon Cake in Café Contexto

Located in São Paulo, in Eldorado mall, on the mezzanine of Saraiva bookstore, it is worth knowing and tasting its delicious homemade cakes. Being the only cyber café in the mall for print access.

(Imagem-photo) Café Contexto in Shopping
(Imagem-photo) Café Contexto in Shopping

Browse the gallery of photos produced at Café Contexto at the Eldorado mall in São Paulo, Brazil.

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