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Café do Ponto | Butantã Mall - startblog

The Start Tv Company with your next lover look bring you, Starttles one more tip. The coffee unit of Butantã, Mall of our dear, friend and owner, Marine Mangini, suggest you to join us to enjoy the real taste.

In this unit, you have a cafeteria to taste a delicious Cup of coffee, with a modern, cozy and familiar, you are welcomed. The service is excellent, all staff are very attentive and Nice. Always offer news out from the traditional.

The trick is to follow the news of the month and sample the ice cream, Drinks are prepared with a basis of coffee. Worth savoring every day, below, check out our gallery with the suggestions of the House.


Frappé, espresso, milk, ice cream, dulce de leche caramel syrup, whipped cream and caramel sauce.



Frappé, milk, ice, Strawberry Syrup, raspberry and Cherry Syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles crunchy.


Chocolate frappé, milk, ice, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and brownie chunks.

A curiosity, did you know that initiated in 50 years in the town of Cafelândia, where the strong economy was the coffee plantations. Large coffee growers, as the brothers Hattori decided to ride the point (a roasting), to honor the place of meetings. Since then, he hasn't stopped growing.

Are the pioneers in coffee export, bringing their flavoured beans and opening the first cafeteria in São Paulo in 1976, in Ibirapuera shopping mall. In 80 arrive with the novelty of decaf, flavoured grains 90 innovate with, toasted and ground offered in valvuladas packages.

Dare a new flavor of grains, feel a scent and see how you react to various changes, each scent awakens something new and a different memory. The beans are ground up in time, but the story comes from afar.

To get the coffee unit point Mall offer 12 Butantã espresso or types can choose the traditional, accompanied by a cup of sparkling water to cleanse the palate and a petifur.

Since the basic line with traditional, extra strong and export to the cafeteria line where are appreciated by your region, aroma and gourmets.

Bringing in their grain stories along with the evolution of taste of their customers, in every season, with their different types of Arabica beans.

For those who want to enjoy a drink without coffee, plus juice and soft drinks, do not forget to taste the Pink lemonade and Limonade Green Apple ice cream. The House offers coffees, pastries, cakes, pies, mini portions of cheese bread, potato stuffed bread, lemon pie, berries, Red Velvet Cake and other delights.

It is worth to stop at the Mall unit Butantã and check.

In the same way that they think to serve the perfect cup you should receive as the only coffee, so that your taste is remarkable and brings you a new look.

Stay as our photo gallery and come today for a coffee with distinctive aroma, becomes a passionate and fond #cafedopontobutanta #cafeespecial

We appreciate the responsiveness and care by the owner, Ms. Marine Mangini, the Manager, Patrícia Rabello and staff who gave your attention so we could have a productive and enjoyable morning. Approved and tasted all products quoted and disseminated in the photo galleries.

Follow our posts and stay inside.

Until the next tip,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

#cafedoponto #cafeteria #starttles #shoppingbutanta

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