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Care of the car that should be - startblog

Today, in our hundredth seventeenth here in Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Car Care at - startblog

We know that having a car requires care. It is important to value an asset who fought to win, so keep an eye on maintenance so as not to become a constant problem. Follow the tips to keep your car in order.

The car depreciates every year, and it is important to remember the basic care in order not to waste the time of the sale or Exchange. Keep the pieces in order, when necessary, replace them is part of preventative maintenance which usually occur one to two times a year. It is recommended for a new car, make revisions at dealerships and for other years, find a reliable mechanic.

Car Care at - startblog

To keep the car in order to avoid extra trade and ensure the best value for your car is shown some care on a daily basis.

Car Care at - startblog

Let's start by painting that is the lure to your car shine and stay avoid stains. Take responsibility in time to clear the car, without wasting liters of water to keep clean. Keep an eye out and remove the dirt bird rich in ammonia. Splash of tar in the body can be removed with baby oil, ink of crosswalks, it is recommended to stay away. Over time, can corrode the paint, if it remains in contact.

Car Care at - startblog

The best way is to avoid parking under trees, away from gutters of cement, brake oil, gasoline and paint thinner. If you happen to spot, do not attempt to prepare homemade mixtures and find a reliable repair shop.

Car Care at - startblog

Use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust, to remove the dirt, cloth with water and neutral SOAP are sufficient for a good cleaning remember not to rub hard.

Drying of the vehicles is essential to keep a car with natural shine. There are some places that offer free shower to gas up the car, can cause injury if you don't dry the vehicle before going out in the Sun. The drops of water stain in contact with Sun, dry it with soft cloth. Where the vehicle is exposed to the Sun and rain is shown wax every 3 months.

Car Care at - startblog

Chassis and suspension, the underside of the car deserves your attention. Few people back from the beach or dirt road, forget ask to raise the car to wash underneath. The salt accelerates the oxidation in parts that are not cared for with anticorrosive as cylinder engine block, wheels, clamps and brake disk and others that are the hardest hit due to the high carbon content.

Clean whenever you can and give a warning to the nasties that accumulate underneath your vehicle, avoiding the excessive wear of the parts.

Car Care at - startblog

For Windows we recommend staying tuned to windshield wipers. When the rubber is wearing, it's time to change, they cause risks. Suitable to clean with water and mild detergent or Windex and a soft flannel. Avoid accumulating dirt not to impair visibility. Remember that the care of the internal glass are different.

Car Care at - startblog

The beacons are important for regular floor by conductor freeways and roads. It is recommended to change the bulbs every 2 years and conduct a full review of the headlights every 90 days. Avoid staying with Lighthouse burned not to take caution in traffic.

The daily check of Internal system it is important to follow the proper functioning of the vehicle and bring safety to the driver and passengers.

Car Care at - startblog

Change the oil in a place of trust, check the water level, calibrate the tires, radiator, align every 1,000 km, avoiding the imbalance of the car, tire consumption, wear of the Steering and suspension system.

For the seatbelt, important factor and key to the driver and passengers. Important to check the attachment points of the piece and if those locks are locked and well kept. The strips must be maintained and preserved without time off, use a cloth moistened with mild detergent to clean them. The part of the buckle shall be lubricated regularly.

Car Care at - startblog

Care to leather seats you can clean them with a damp cloth. Avoid dropping food on the banks not to accumulate dirt, mud, liquids, chemical leak and harming the fabric. For a deep cleaning, look for a reliable company.

Car Care at - startblog

For those who live in building the most important thing is to know who is your neighbor. Already exists in magnetized foam protectors markets to put on the side every time you park. There are neighbors who hang "spaghetti" those of pool on the side of each side of the car, tied with string. Of course, it's not pretty, but it passes the message to have a little more civility. Respect the neighbors, being careful when you open the door and stop within your range is fully healthy.

These were some daily practices to maintain the success of your automobile.

Check out the what's new in the automotive market.

Until the next post,

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