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CEO Artur Grybaum - Boticário Group - startblog

The Boticário, Eudora, who said, berenice? and The Beauty Box. Artur Grynbaum owns 20% of the multinational's shares.

Boticário on Friday CEO on Starblog

It started in the company in 1986 and has remained there ever since. With 32 years of home, it can be considered a key part in the growth and history of the brand that makes more than 10 billion reais annually.

The company's most popularbrand, O Boticário, has the largest number of franchises in Brazil, with 4,000 stores spread over 1750 cities nationwide and employing about 7,000 direct employees and 25,000 in the franchised network. Boticário operates in the United States, Japan, Angola Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Portugal and Mozambique.

CEO Artur Grybaum - Boticário Group on startblog

At the age of 17 he joined the company and had not even made college, he was hired as a financial assistant. Started was surrounded by mistrust, since I was joining the company of his brother-in-law,Miguel Krigsner.

"There are people who say I'm hot coast, but this view is wrong. Actually, I needed to grate twice as much to prove it was good. Otherwise, people would say, 'oh, you're here because you're related,' says Arthur.

Boticário on Friday CEO on Starblog

Even so, Arthur grew up with the cosmetics company. Going through the positions of board advisor, chief financial officer, commercial director and vice president.

Today Artur Grybaum is also one of the conglomerate's shareholders, owning 20% of the multinational's shares. His main partner is Miguel Krigsner, chairman of the board of directors of the holding company and whom Arthur sees as a brother.

CEO Artur Grybaum - Boticário Group on startblog

"When you expand your horizons, you have to make more people, believe in the dream you have, and gather in an engaged way," he explains

Artur Grybaum,fought against mistrust, proved his talent and left his mark on the history of the country. What did you think of our CEO today?

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Until next Friday CEO,

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