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CEO Cris Arcangeli - startblog

Beautiful? Definitely! But what is this compared to your competence and brilliant trajectory?

Cris Arcangeli is a businesswoman, speaker,presenter, consultant and workin the beauty, wellness and functional food market for many years.

She became best known to Brazilians for being one of the highlights of the Shark Tank Brasil program atSony.

(Foto, imagem, divulgação) Cris Arcangeli no startblog

Today CEO of Beauty ́in, and owner of the brands Phenix, Bvolt, Bikini Galleryand Lysa. Createor also the companies Phytoervas, Phyta, PH – Arcangeli and Éh.

Cris Arcangeli, is synonymous with constant evolution.

(Foto, imagem, divulgação) Produtos da marca Beauty'in da Cris Arcangeli

Always reinventinghimself, he left his career in the dental area, to invest in the field of beauty products, based on his own aesthetic needs. Thus was born a line of products without salt and composed of natural ingredients, Phytoervas,of great success in the 90s.

In 2010, reinventing itself again, it launched a new category of products aimed at beauty and well-being, called alimetics. They consist of foods with cosmetic properties.

In parallel, always linked to Moda, created Phytoervas Fashion, a fashion event responsible for the launch of several prominent designers, such as Alexandre Herchcovitch and Fause Haten. In 2013,Cris once again innovated the fashion market and made beautydrink, the official drink of London Fashion Week.

CEO Cris Arcangeli - startblog

In 2014, Beauty'in was considered the 15th most innovative company in Brazil, recognizing once again the pioneering and innovativeness of the businesswoman.

Theinda launched two lines of jewelry in partnership with the Vivara brand and signs columns in magazines such as Men's Health and Viva S/A.

CEO Cris Arcangeli - startblog

In 1998, he won the Prix Veuve Clicquot de la Femme d'Affaires award. In 2004, she was elected personality of the Year by the government of the State of São Paulo and won the Most Influential Woman award in the country. She was also sworn in at the BrazilianAcademy of Marketing in 2006.

As if it were little, Arcangeli, is also advisor to Endeavor, director of FIESP's CJE (Committee of Young Entrepreneurs) and has three published books and two daily bulletins on Radio Alpha FM.

Start Tv Company, always attentive to successful entrepreneurs, could not leave out this Brazilian wonder woman.

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Until next Friday CEO.

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