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Havan Luciano Hang, born in Santa Catarina, is the most commented Brazilian businessman on social media lately. Co-founder and owner of Havan, recognized as one of the largest networks of department stores in Brazil. Forbes magazine was voted the 21st richest in Brazil.

At the age of 17 he was admitted to work at the Carlos Renaux Fabric Factory, where his parents worked. In the early 1980s, at the age of 21, he bought his first company, Tecelagem Santa Cruz, to which he began to devote himself and expand.

In 1986, realizing that Brusque gained a new economic boost based on shopping tourism due to the textile industry, together with partner Vanderlei de Limas, opened a small fabric store. From the junction of hang and vanderlei names, the well-known brand would appear today, Havan.

(Foto, imagem, divulgação) Logomarca Havan no startblog
(Foto, imagem, divulgação) Logomarca Havan no startblog

Havan has more than 143 megastores spread throughout Brazil, a number that is easily defused,since it has an average opening of one store per week. Hang has bold goals for Havan. Its goal is for the network to have 200 megastores by 2022.

Amazing numbers represent Havan,are more than 1.5 million square meters built and more than 10,000 contractors a year. The retailer adds its success to a large mix of products to project growth of 65% in 2019, with revenues of R$ 12 billion.

CEO Havan - Luciano Hang no startblog
CEO Havan - Luciano Hang no startblog

For the executive, technology does not advance at the same speed that common sense determines, he explains that he uses innovation to delight people.

"Don't keep burning your head thinking your business will break, that the internet will go over, do your best. Each business changes according to the needs of its customers," hangsays.

The CEO also said that communication is the most important item to motivate employees and that leaders need to constantly tell employees where they want to go.

CEO Havan - Luciano Hang no startblog
CEO Havan - Luciano Hang no startblog

"A great leader does not talk about conquering the mountain, but he says he wants to conquer the mountain. From there your team will outline a strategy. Trust people, they want to leave the house to do their best."

In 2019 he won the Farroupilha Merit Medal, a great honor of his home state. Luciano Hang,is visionary, courageous and true in everything he does.

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Until next Friday CEO.

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