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CEO Inspiration Viviane Senna - Ayrton Senna Institute - startblog

The Ayrton Senna Institute was born in 1994, six months after the death of the driver, who had the project to create an entity that helped improve Brazil's education. Viviane Senna, leads forward to Ayrton Senna's dream of offering children and young people from all regions of Brazil the opportunity to fully develop their potentials, something that is only possible through quality education.

Today, with funding from donations, licensing resources and partnerships with the private sector, the IAS is present in 17 states and more than 660 municipalities, supporting the training of more than 70,000 professionals and having some kind of impact on education of more than 1.9 million students a year.

Graduated in psychology from the Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo, with specialization in Junguiana Psychology from the Instituto Sede Sapientiaes of the Catholic University. She worked in clinical psychology as a psychotherapist for adults and children and as supervisor of training and improvement groups of therapists.

CEO Inspiration Viviane Senna - Ayrton Senna Institute - startblog
CEO Inspiration Viviane Senna - Ayrton Senna Institute - startblog

Over these 25 years, the Institute has acted in partnership with important actors in education in Brazil and in the world and, together with public networks, advanced the quality of teaching in various regions of the country, which directly benefited millions of students.

Due to the recognized quality of the organization's work, Viviane has received several awards. Among them is the nomination as one of the Leaders for the New Millennium (CNN/Time Magazine). In 2012, he also received the BNP ParibasAwardin Paris. Elected by anoint by a jury of world personalities, coordinated by Amartya Sen,Nobel Prize in Economics.

Viviane Senna is one of the largest national references in the human and personal development scenario. Through work at the Institute, he broke down barriers to student deprivation for underprivileged children and young people, offering the opportunity for the future.

CEO Inspiration Viviane Senna - Ayrton Senna Institute - startblog
CEO Inspiration Viviane Senna - Ayrton Senna Institute - startblog

According to Viviane: "There is an educational and social deficit in the rest of the country. It's not enough just to read and write. It is necessary to prepare the young man for this new technological world and there is still a long way for Brazil to be at the highest level of education."

Viviane is the only Brazilian, member of the Group Adult Friends of the World Children's Award, alongside Queen Silvia, Sweden, Nelson Mandela - former president of South Africa; and José Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace Prize.

According to Viviane Senna: "People will be increasingly asked to work in teams, including multicultural and will have to have these interpersonal and intrapersonal skills as focus, persistence, discipline, deliver things on the right deadlines, responsibility, autonomy and behavior of owner."

Viviane says, "I like to play a joke that's this: tell me how much your PhD in a physical star helped keep your marriage? Or was the maintenance of your marriage due to your creativity, flexibility, patience and ability to listen to each other? It's these skills that keep marriage, their job and makes people work out in life."

CEO Inspiration Viviane Senna - Ayrton Senna Institute - startblog
CEO Inspiration Viviane Senna - Ayrton Senna Institute - startblog

Currently, Viviane is a member of the Council for Economic and Social Development (CDES) and the Council for Sustainable Development of the City of São Paulo; Advisory Councils of Febraban l; Board of Directors of Banco Santander; Education Council of CNI and FIESP; Instituto Itaú Social , Energias do Brasil (EDP), ADVB, World Trade Center (WTC).

Viviane Senna, like her brother, inspires Brazilians to fight and react in the face of the social barriers imposed. And it's our inspiration today!

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