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CEO Lacoste - Rachel Maia - startblog

Our CEO today is the executive Rachel Maia CEO of Lacoste Brasil.

Graduated in Accounting And graduate studies in Finance from USP, Rachel began her career at Seven Eleven as a controller, where she spent seven years. His professional career also includesNovartisPharmacy, Tiffany & Co, and Pandora.

Youngest of seven siblings, Rachel was raised in the Region of Cidade Dutra, south of São Paulo. The lesson that we need to risk and go through bitter periods with optimismwas a teaching he learned from an early age with the family.

"A chicken had to be enough for all Sunday lunch, for 11people"

(Photo, image, disclosure) Lacoste logo

In the '90s, Rachel made her first boldness. He decided to use the money from termination of employment to take an English course in Canada.

(Photo, image, disclosure) Lacoste - Rachel Maia on Friday CEO at Startblog

"I studied in public schools, so I learned what was on the grid, which was basically the verb 'to be'," Rachel recalls.

The challenge at the time was to tell his father, Antonio, that part of the termination would not be used to help with the family's accounts.

"My father always taught us what adult life was, so I always had to pay the electricity or water bill from home."

(Photo, image, disclosure) Lacoste - Rachel Maia on Friday CEO at Startblog

After the season in Canada, he got a job at novartis drugmaker. I wanted to stay in the industry, but chance took her to high-luxury brand Tiffany's and Co. After seven years, it was for Pandora that grossed $800 million worldwide in 2016. Fresh from lacoste, there is no doubt that Rachel will use all her competence for many innovations in the performance of the brand in Brazil.

Lacoste announced the new global strategy and this includes Maia as CEO Brazil. To date, the French brand is present in 54 boutiques, 11 outlets, six duty free stores and 850 multi-brands, and focuses on consistent development in national territory.

In 2017, she was voted one of the 40 most powerful women in Brazil by FORBES.

(Photo, image, disclosure) Lacoste - Rachel Maia on Friday CEO at Startblog

Rachel também was a board member such as: committee of presidents in the American Chamber of Commerce, Young Presidents Organization, Institute for Retail Development, Women group of Brazil and Council for Economic and Social Development of the Presidency of the Republic.

The executive also dedicates her time to care work: she has worked for 8 years as a volunteer for needy families from the periphery for the Vincentian Society in São Paulo and dedicated herself for 23 years to young people from underprivileged communities. She is the Founder of the EMP

training Project that brings Education & Employability to people in the line of social vulnerability.

Rachel Maia also proved that with effort and good choices anyone can rather change their story. He left the outskirts of São Paulo to conquer the greatest looks in the entrepreneurial world.

Tell us what you think of today's CEO history, starttvcompany@gmail.com or leave your comment below!

Until next Friday CEO.

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