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CEO Rodrigo Galvão - Oracle

Oracle Brasil has been preparing for change for some time, and with rodrigo galvão's leadership only 35 years old, this will be possible.

(Photo, image, disclosure) Oracle logo on startblog
(Photo, image, disclosure) Oracle logo on startblog

Galvão, started at Oracle at the age of 19, as a trainee in the financial area. Always with a posture of simplicity and at the same time innovation, Rodrigo translated the Millennium generation by having an interest in actually listening to customers and employees.

"To do it differently, we needed a transformation from the inside out. And it happened. Very quickly, people were in line with the new Oracle, which is based on three pillars: open innovation, student connection and inclusion and opportunity creation," he says, which fosters the culture of the new.

They draw attention in rodrigo galvão's performance, the fact that he not only cares about image and sales or positioning the brand, he looked at the small details as well, such as the bike rack and locker room with showers.

CEO Rodrigo Galvão - Oracle at startblog
CEO Rodrigo Galvão - Oracle at startblog

Today, Brazil accounts for 50% of the company's revenue in Latin America and the region accounts for 7% of the company's revenueworldwide, which in the last fiscal year, ended in May 2019, was US$ 39.5 billion.

One of the brilliant ideas is "Open Chat with Galvão", giving the employee the opportunity to talk about any direct matter with the president. A clear sign of the new times. They also have a face-to-face and virtual accelerator that functions as a space for discussion of various topics. In this configuration, employees began to propose innovative projects and all felt part of this new phase of the company.

CEO Rodrigo Galvão - Oracle at startblog
CEO Rodrigo Galvão - Oracle at startblog

Clearly employees understand that today's Oracle is free of organograms. "People have an owner's thought."

Galvão reveals that he has the corporation's "carte blanche" to reformulate the business, without forgetting, of course, the company's macro guidelines.

"It's like driving on a five-lane road. I can change track as many times as I want and I will reach the destination in the same way," he says.

Rodrigo Galvão, is the newest CEO presented by Start TV, however, no less competent! What have you thought since the meathet?

Leave your comment below, enjoy and sign up for the channel.

Until next Friday CEO.

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