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CEO Steve Jobs - startblog

What is not lacking are nouns to add to Steve Jobs, Inventor, Technological Genius, revolutionary, visionary, etc...

Known as co-founder, president and CEO of Apple Inc. and also for revolutionizing six industries: personal computers, animation films, music, phones, tablets and digital publications.

(Photo,disclosure) Steve Jobs

In addition to his connection with Apple, he was ceo of the computer animation company Pixar, and the top individual shareholder of The Walt Disney Company.

In the 1970s, alongside Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkulla,he developed and marketed one of the first lines of personal computers.

(Photo, Img, disclosure) Apple Macintosh 128K on Startblog

In the early 1980s, he realized the commercial potential of mouse-guided graphical user interface, thus taking to the Macintosh.

In 1985 he left Apple and founded NeXT where he developed platforms aimed at the higher education and administration markets. But in $39.96, Apple acquired NeXT,taking Jobs back to Apple, now taking over as CEO where it stayed until 2011.

(Photo, Img, disclosure - Apple) Apple logo

However, Apple was ina fragile financial situation and to the point of closing. Fhi saves in time with the sale of 40% of the shares to its rival Microsoft. Over the years Apple has reacquired Microsoft shares, which avoided its bankruptcy.

(Photo, img, disclosure) Imac at the museum - post on Startblog

In addition to its genius with technology, he was also known for innovating with aesthetics as in iMac with innovative design, material used, and cor. With this decretor death of the beige standard color of pcs.

Joining Technology with designer, in 2000 launches the Mac OS X debunking competition and advancing a lot in the technological race, taking Apple to the level of brand of desire and status.

(image / photo / disclosure) Ipod - post on Startblog

Again with its genius, he put Apple beyond its restricted computer market, going on to act in the area of electronics, telecommunications (iPhone), digital music (AAC and MP3), with the introduction in 2001 of the portable music player iPod, and also

integrated with the legal selling store of musicover the Internet through iTunes. the iPod won over the public for its lightness, practicality, modernity and simplicity. Being another brand success!

On October 5, 2011, as a result of Pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs died.

(Photo, image, disclosure) Statue in Budapest: Steve Jobs - post on Startblog

Steve's brilliance, his passion and strength were the sources of countless innovations that enrich and improve all our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve's announcement Apple on the official death note.

Yes, Jobs will always be synonymous with innovation and courage for not being afraid to risk, leaving us a great example!

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See you next Friday CEO,

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