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CEO Zara - startblog

Amancio Ortega is the president and founder of Inditex, a group of companies that own the brands such as Zara, Massimo, Dutti, Oysho, among others in the group.

Inditex has 7,500 stores worldwide and is valued at €103.55 billion. Brazil represents the company's third-largest force in the Americas, behind Mexico and the United States. Zara is Inditex's flagship. She was voted FORBES the 53rd most valuable brand in the world in 2016, with a market value of $10.7 billion.

(Foto:/Divulgação) Zara na sexta CEO no Startblog
(Foto:/Divulgação) Zara na sexta CEO no Startblog

This legacy made Ortega one of the richest men in the world according to Forbes Magazine, but what draws the most attention in his life is simplicity and curious style.

(Foto:/Divulgação) Zara na sexta CEO no Startblog
(Foto:/Divulgação) Zara na sexta CEO no Startblog

He's always been averse to the spotlight, despite working in fashion. Avoids events, and even public events. But it makes a point of closely monitoring the routine of the factories. Another curiosity is that he loves football and it is normal to see Ortega at the Stadium of Deportivo La Coruña. Amancio also dedicates part of the time to the command of the foundation that bears its name, and in 2015 invested €23.5 million in social projects.

(Foto:/Divulgação) Zara na sexta CEO no Startblog
(Foto:/Divulgação) Zara na sexta CEO no Startblog

He doesn't wear clothes from his own brand, the common thing is to see Amancio Ortega always wearing the same blue jacket, white shirt and gray pants. A remarkable feature is that every day in the morning, the businessman goes to the same cafeteria and drinks coffee with his employees. In addition to football, his other passion is for equestrianism, he practices riding in his equestrian center located in Finisterre, Galicia.

Competent, experienced and different, so we can define Amancio Ortega, CEO of Zara and Inditex Group.

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Until next Friday CEO,

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