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Civics in condominiums - startblog

Today, in the hundred and fifty-fifty-fifth here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Civics in condominiums - startblog

Each individual has a kind of creation and influence, in addition to diverse cultures, families reside in the same building, sharing common spaces. Respect is a mutual exercise and the conduct of a neighbor can influence in the other residents, and administrative rules to be resolved by all.

For a coexistence of citizenship you must have minimum of civility and knowing the rules, whether they Spring condo-specific, General or local.

Respect the next and following the rules inside the condo is fundamental to have the respect of all who live in the same common space.

This post is for the tenants know what you can and can't do inside the building. To obtain a satisfactory result it is necessary to be aware of the duties and rights of the citizen, in this way, will make a nice coexistence between the residents and the person responsible for the management of the enterprise.

Civics in condominiums - startblog

For those who have never had the experience of living in a condo see the assemblies as something from another world. But for a proper operation it is important and a good relationship between all, wisdom and good sense. condominium rules become valid.

Ordinary Assembly addresses accounts and expenditure approvals, contributions, election of a new superintendent, amendments to the internal system, subsidy and audit committee.

The extraordinary general meeting is thrown with a particular purpose or a demand out of day-to-day affairs as the dismissal of the manager, outsourced employees, among others.

Being of utmost importance the operation of each one of them to the residents, tenants and employees be aware. Because each action taken impacts everyone. It is essential the participation of residents in the assemblies.

Civics in condominiums - startblog

The Civil Code says "civil law is a branch of law that deals with the regulatory standards of the rights and obligations of private order regarding people, their rights and obligations, to goods and to their relationships, while members of society".

So everyone has a good coexistence and can enjoy their rights, some condo rules relevant to the day to day.

- Participate in the vote in the assemblies, since that is the cost.

- Use freely from their units and use the common parts as your destination, since it does not exclude the use of other residents.

- Make available through information and schedules allowed to perform changes, imagine a newcomer that has the history of living at home and never lived in the building, the freedom that he had there, will be different from now on. Have to inform of the times allowed to drag the furniture, perform possible works and end the change.

Silence X Noise

Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Meet the standards of the condo to see the time allowed for making noise, using common sense

- Does not harm the peace, health and safety of other residents

- Dogs must not disturb other residents

- Do not perform works that can compromise the security of the building

- Set the time until 10:00 pm for children in the apartment, a suggestion are the rubber mats to baffle the sound, thus preventing the spread to the other apartments

Civics in condominiums - startblog

- The pet owner must collect the needs if you make in collective environments

- Do not let it loose in areas of laser and don't take it in the pool

- Use a leash in the common areas of the building

- Use the entry and service elevator with the dog

Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Always have a responsible adult for young children

- Be aware of the internal rules of the condominium

- Respect the regulations and timetables of laser

- Not to play and run out of areas for them

- Respect the limits of timetables

Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Be careful when opening the car door to get in the car of the neighbor

- Stop the car in the middle of the track to facilitate neighbor of vacancy

- Avoid Horn, light the headlight low and respect your vacancy

- Don't make your vacancy the your deposit

- Walk on speed limit

- When leaving the garage, give preference to the car coming up the street

- When you're on the second basement, wait for the car down the ramp

- Worry about the neighbor's car, leave a note or intercom to repair the car

- Use the product and return to place of origin

Quadra X Playground
Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Is released to play, yelling is not

- Remember the laser space is for all the tenants use, so be careful

- Turn the lights off as soon as it gets dark, observing daylight saving time

- Ping-pong and set the ball to foosball in the Ordinance must be removed

- The ping pong ball is to play on the table and the ball is ball pool to be stay within

- Do not get wet in the pool hall, other children can slip

- Meet the agenda and be present at the meeting for your vote to be validated, instead, will not be able to discuss after the changes

- It is not recommended to call the neighbor's maid and nanny to work in your apartment

- Try to be neutral, don't bother to talk about lives

- Be friendly with your neighbors and help when needed

Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Deposit your trash House, inside the brass

- Verify that closed well the bags not to breathe in the garbage odor

- If you want to separate the disposable,put in the corner next to the brass

- Don't throw cigarette butt or any trash out the window

Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Hold the elevator door for others

- Don't jump or scream inside

- Respect others and avoid holding the elevator

- Greet all present

- Wait for the people to enter

- Be friendly and kind to make the environment friendly

- When you shop, and animal boxes, use the service elevator

Swimming pool
Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Follow the instructions on the notice before entering the laser area

- Use the table, chairs with a conscience

- Do not enter with Tan at the pool

Party room
Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Respect the rules for rental and maintenance of premises

- Make your reservation in advance

- Respect the time limit for the noise, moderately

- Give the room the same way when rented, remove the remainder of food and avoid waste

- Make a guest list and let the concierge to free access

- In case of use the area outside in the Hall, loud not to ascend the noise and noise for nearby apartments

Gatehouse X Works
Civics in condominiums - startblog

- Greet residents and all who pass in the lobby

- Respect the timetables of the condominium

- Communicate the liquidator when is start a work

- Communicate the doorman to interfornar when the employee is in the lobby

- Be cordial to employees and residents

- If there are complaints, make directly to the custodian or trustee

* Remember the approval of any change will be provided with the 2/3 signature of residents (owners).

Civics in condominiums - startblog

In this way, after each individual to know his rights and obligations the liquidator's role becomes more subtle in time to contact residents.

And should be helpful to any suggestion or complaint of joint owners, to the point of putting in motion the changes necessary for improving the internal system and coexistence among all.

Civics in condominiums - startblog

Working with people is always delicate, involves patience and dedication of all those involved.

The coexistence among residents should be cautiously, however, often occur friction being important a good coexistence among all.

Sharing also pleasurable experiences.

Civics in condominiums - startblog

Following these recommendations will be peaceful and friendly coexistence.

Liked this post, comment and #share in the media.

Until the next post,

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Start TV Company

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