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Colabs #1 - startblog

Today, in our forty-eighth post here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Colabs on startblog
Colabs on startblog

In modern times the collaboration is part of the habits of the majority of the population. Whether it is through collaborative work spaces, even 3D technology online platforms that transform projects into reality, transforming the lives of many, check out our post and collaborate.

Collaborative spaces, called Coworking are great places prepared to receive businessmen, with a complete infrastructure that want to work with a professional structure, connectivity, security, cost-benefit, to hold a meeting with investors, presentations to staff, rooms equipped for events, a favorable environment to make a networking with people from various fields. A new concept to think about in an Office, in addition to many work 12:00 am, there is a professional growth.

Colabs on startblog
Colabs on startblog

The manufacturing laboratory in English "Fab Lab" is a collaborative space where people from various fields gather to create digital 3D projects. Spaces created in the United States and arrived in Brazil a few years. See which Studio is the closest to you and give life to a new project. High technology, with 3D printers, laser, sewing machines, robotics, monitored by a team and a fab manager.

Follow the programming of the channel and wait for the post, we will discuss in detail about the Fab lab. Those interested in being part of this network, please contact Héloïse Neves responsible for Fab Lab Brazil Networking.

There are organizations that help people put your business plan in place, let's talk a little bit about the Crowdfunding. A concept that already exists some years here in Brazil, raise money for your project viable on the market. Creates a totally free with campaign supporters, stipulates the duration time and share with as many people as possible, so your project will reach many people and potential investors. Visit the website here and use to your favor.

Nowadays the concept of collaboration is on the rise, more and more people are seeking this aggregation, lemurs and still missed the villas, gardens in squares for a common use, guesthouses with divided spaces, exchange among others.

Wait for the Colabs #2 we will cite the collaboration between companies seeking to do business partnerships, assisting in dissemination.

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