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Colabs | Marcelo Fernandes e a sua importância com o público infantil - startblog

The Start Tv Company has had the privilege to be hosted by a colab "open trunk" another Brazilian, Marcelo Fernandes that makes a difference with children, leading learning and culture to all. Sign up and check out the news on our channel.

Marcelo Fernandes, children's book writer, educational and social projects management, storytelling, philosopher, educator, poet, knowledge of the LEARNING routine in several courses, engaged in the care and improvements to human beings.

(image/disclosure) Marcelo Franscisco

Visit the blog here and follow a content with literature, environmental education, poetry, storytelling, and more. A hot language to follow, bringing entertainment to everyone.

Gave life to a beautiful children's literature project contextualized "Dreams of Francisco" tells the story of 3 children who know the animals are endangered species of the Atlantic forest. The Paraíba Valley, a region of the Atlantic forest, the characters in the book are the animals, fauna and flora. Bringing the living in the Woods and survival in the Valley. Encouraging children to the region's culture, watch the animals the Atlantic forest. Marcelo says it's a book for all who care about the planet, those who like to preserve the animals. Then it will be a great opportunity to meet the book Dreams of Francisco.

(image/disclosure) #amigosdanatureza

Marcelo Fernandes convida os educadores e a todos a acessarem a página do facebook @sonhosdefrancisco para conhecer os contos sobre o vale do Paraíba. Um projeto fantástico sendo levadas às escolas, empresas para entreter as crianças em dias de eventos, festas infantis, shows até um dia de piquenique no parque com os amigos.

Bringing of playful way the awakening of the creativity of every child. Any design for printing of the book was to encourage people. The E-book, original version of large demand, is sent by e-mail at no extra cost.

(image/disclosure) #amigosdanatureza

The literary digital universe expands every day, involving children in the workshops of character creation and creativity with recyclable materials. Aware from an early age the care for the environment and the reuse of materials that would otherwise be discarded. A meeting where any child can make your toy and accompanying stories.

A key role of the educator Marcelo Fernandes bringing a look for the healthy growth of children, through the stories and curiosity of the forms of learning, with scenarios, sound, instruments, clothing, drawings and various shapes to activate all the senses sensory, bringing intellectual growth.

(image/disclosure) Children's literature @sonhosdefrancisco

Rescues in this day and age the importance of storytelling to stimulate the imagination, reasoning, focus, vocabulary, General knowledge. Some people remember moments around the campfire with the starry sky, under a tree or even on the edge of the river Paraíba, leading real-world tales to the imaginary.

The importance of teaching to wake him up the imagination, bringing different forms, feelings to each story. Promote and encourage the children this @sonhosdefrancisco reading

(image/disclosure) Children's literature @sonhosdefrancisco

The teaching methods through video and audio book for children is of paramount importance, making it easy for those with difficulties reading and even impaired. A way to invite the child to enter the magical world.

Is in favour of education enjoy all the tools available to aggregate and help in the development of children.

In addition to asking for your book and receive in your home, include in the requests the audiobook with story-telling of history.

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In the youtube channel you can find stories in audio books, subscribe and advertise to children and parents.

Below a full gallery with his works.
Images from the gallery provided by the author

Wait for the next video where we bring you a story about the importance of environmental education once again, with the educator Marcelo Fernandes.

This was a different matter in our program "open trunk " wait for the video to the channel youtube

Sign up and check out the news on Start Tv Company

Until next time,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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