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Craft with recycled waste - startblog

Today, in our ninetieth here on the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

With the Union of sustainability with creativity the materials that would be expendable turn into luxury. Parts for your home decor, handbags, watches and even organic House construction. Entrepreneurs use recycled bringing a new look to the unstable market. Follow the tips in the article.

Data from Cempre Business commitment to recycling, shows that in Brazil averaged 26 million Brazilians have access to selective trash collection program. Since 2012 are injected R $50 billion a year in business. What was a hobby, today, brings opportunities to the entrepreneurs of the world the reuse materials without wasting natural resources.

Tip to start a lucrative business is this inside of new trends and market demand. Set your product or get organized with various types of materials and techniques. A good income alternative is using materials such as glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, wood, and more. Be creative and reinvent themselves.

Below we cite 3 cases of entrepreneurs who are profiting. The founder of the brand "Recman" offers handbags, belts, suitcases and necessaires using cameras. Been on the market since 2013 bringing an environmental conscience in their products. Uses materials that would otherwise be discarded and gives life to Accessories that are sold between R$150,00 to R$900,00. Meet the Brazil Recman.

(image/photo/disclosure) marerelogios.com.br

Another case is the John Victor Azevedo looking entrepreneur saw the waste that was in the houses of demolition and decided to invest in your business. In 2016, created "tide watches" watches made with demolition timber, recyclable materials, leftover jeans and organic based inks in annatto, turmeric and cocoa. Leverages several buckets and works to get the wood and disposables.

(image/photo/disclosure) marerelogios.com.br

Marketed until today more than 500 watches, last year had a supply of R$60.000,00 a market that is expanding. Prices vary on average R$450 to R$530, meet the Maré watches here

The third case cited is the use of garbage bringing awareness through fashion, we're talking about the Save Earth. Since 2010 it became visible with ideas bringing environmental awareness. Entrepreneurs produce accessories, t-shirts and furniture like tables and benches with used tires, use recyclable materials and sustainable. Meet the Save Earth t-shirt collection here


These were some examples to enlarge the vision directed to a market that grows sharply. Thousands of ideas to do with handicrafts and start of your House. Bring change in market values, cherish the manual work, plan and highlight in this field of activity. Profit from your work and advertise with assertive tools for success.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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