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Today, at hundred and seventy-third post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Walking is an age-old practice used for many purposes. Imagine wearing a pair of sneakers that feeling of freedom and empowerment of come and go anywhere. Well being, restore the spirit and powerful insights. Join us and see the importance of daily practice.

The routine walk is part of most people. Since it does not need specific training or equipment, and can be done anytime and anywhere. Experts say that is a chemical that calm. The start is released an analgesic substance, known as endorphins, responsible for feelings of well-being.

Each one brings a genetic memory and physical condition, so it is not necessary to soak the shirt, walking at a slower pace also brings health and some contact with the sights along the way, a deep relaxation.

The brain thanks to practice that once facilitates the transmission of stimuli between neurons, providing greater reasoning. Humans have the ability, every stimulus received, activate a memory and connect various communications. All senses are on alert when we're with the perception mentioned.

This perception results with the practice of physical activity giving a start in the mind-stream of synapses and neurons that extend this attention. Occurring a gain cognitive, emotional, mental and pleasurable. Feeling better in the solution of problems and the increase in the provision.

Being very positive for people with depression and anxious, tend to remain in a vicious circle of thought as "won't work" with the practice of walking fast and spontaneous movements of eyes activate and rewrite the memories with new meaning, positive, the bad memories.

May be you want to just take a walk around the block or it is considered a natural-born marathoner, the two options are favorable and is doing your part for the health. It is recommended that you have a good diet and add an expense of energy to your daily life.

Today with the news of the technological market can use and abuse of the Apps available for each order. There are various applications that you can download to your smartphone during the walk that calculates the amount of steps that are the pedometers. The most advanced, calculate body temperature, pressure, measures the beats among others. Visit the online store find what else fits with your needs.

That our body is a machine that needs care and food supply. There are those who prefer pleasant conversations next to good companies, those who like to be in the surrounding neighborhood who lives, others prefer to embark on journeys with rucksacks on their backs, walking trails and new friendships and those seeking SPA within the city provide short and long trips with meditative distances.

The important thing is to move and be attentive posture and the shoes used for in practice. Choose to start a tennis that has at least a median buffer and emerging knee pain seek an expert to investigate the cause and hit the road!

Until the next post,

CEO| Starttles

Start Tv Company

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