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Crossing the finish line with ethics – startblog

Today in hundredth and sixty-second post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Crossing the finish line with ethics on startblog

Curiosity is well away from the Act of talking about life. Over the years came to the facility to access information, learn more and investigate a matter to keep curiosity is the engine of life. Join us and see how to make a difference and move on.

Since centuries the story was marked with great inventors, which in your time, were curious and investigating and created fantastic inventions. This is the profile of creative people, not content with little, what you're seeing, listening and receiving, want to go beyond.

In the case of "Angels" project investors and upgrade of startups, which are natural curious analyze current market constantly, new technologies and developments of the digital age, change in the economy and various other factors that need to be aware of for invest in proactive business.

We can cite cases of large transformers of the digital age as Steve Jobs since early dismantling electronics to understand the workings inside. Bill Gates curious about computers and mother boards. Aron Swartz your passion for codes. The inventors of human prosthesis in FAB Labs. Even in the cases of children of the alpha system are freely learn and grow with prying eyes for all areas.

Crossing the finish line with ethics on startblog

In the old days it was common to go behind the information through research in books, encyclopedias, guides, dictionaries and newspapers. With the evolution of technology, the internet has changed the lives of many people, bringing a new vision to learn.

The "Google" shortened the distance of the unknown to the informative, practically became instrumental in the life of the curious on duty. Hear a subject who wants to deepen, Google search, get the assets of formula for a drug that the doctor indicated to hash out technical data to solve key issues, learn more the life of a musician who likes to understand how big names changed lives of thousands of people with inventions and other miscellaneous.

The funny thing is he is not proactive with doubt, go for answers, search to understand more thoroughly the subject. Everything is in our hands, causes a person to the heights, has no limit, it arrives wherever you want and are ready for any situation. Not only seeks to satisfy your curiosity and to facilitate the relationship with people to your back, you feel safe to discuss any subject with people of diverse cultures and customs.

Crossing the finish line with ethics on startblog

The person who wants to discover their potential search and always question why! But with the flood of data by different vehicles information online is indicated to digest and analyze what to add and what will be transformed into knowledge. Stay tuned for a search does not lead to another and when you lost on other issues.

Enhance your time! Having a focus is important on so many paths to choose, plan and control of your time, delegate tasks and find the time to carry out their research.

Already mentioned in some of our posts the importance of activating the brain and activate it to keep him young. The more we exercise with the learning, we use the neural plasticity. Has the ability to change the face of new situations create new neural connections.

Want to go away and make a difference in the world, be curious!

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start TV Company

#sercurioso #historia #evolucao #sucesso

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