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Crossing the finish line with ethics – startblog

Today in hundredth and sixtieth first post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Crossing the finish line with ethics on startblog

Nowadays a new wage comes up with the arrival of startups. New behaviors between entrepreneurs for teamwork and more flexible. Since the beginning of the industrial age, there is a rule that has not changed until nowadays, the neutralization of individual attitudes and selfish with the encouragement of solidarity among professionals. Join us and see how compete with origin.

The man fights for survival and competition is what gives the impetus for him to follow with the transformations and evolve. The beginning is marked by many sperm in your race to the first fertilize the egg. Soon after the arrival of the baby, he competes for the attention of the mother with the family. The child grows competing with brothers and colleagues and in adulthood a placing on the market of work among others for life.

Crossing the finish line with ethics on startblog

Analyzing the above, we can say that the competition to be positive has to be healthy. Every human being has the ability to achieve your objectives. It can be said that compared with each other to get to your result, you will not be healthy, due to the fact each have to use their own tools and knowledge to solve your way to the finish line.

It is wise to focus on earnings and bring solutions to the obstacles presented during the journey. Compete is part of life and is responsible for the progress of society. Due to innovations in technology that we are in a new digital age, competition between football players who qualified for the World Cup 2018, having featured in the invention of the great industrial pole in California, were some examples for show the balance of contention for mutual recognition.

Crossing the finish line with ethics on startblog

To move the energy it takes to do the update with new ideas and great minds. A fair competition inspires respect and admiration for all that compete in a voracious market.

A successful entrepreneur integrates the skills, talent and weaknesses of your team, teaching the best of each, respecting the individual experience.

Teaches that the winner is the one who collaborates with the other, recognizing in victory a way of learning. Eliminates the desire of self-reliance with the Union of strength and intelligence of each Member.

Becomes essential since childhood, show children that the competition generates fun until the prize. Understanding the importance of the way, not only the result.

Accentuating the daily struggle with the will and dedication to never give up the goal. The human being has the ability to improve always, seek self-sufficiency with practical resolutions. Use of creativity and decision-making power to hit the target.

So, be prepared to be the best in everything you do. Take the start in the competition of life and guarantee your win.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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