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Curiosities of The History, The 7th of September - startblog

What’s common between this date, The 7th of September, and the territories of Brazil and Mozambique?

Post Curiosities of The History, The 7th of September - startblog
Post Curiosities of The History, The 7th of September - startblog

Well, more than five centuries ago, therefore in the last millennium, we were living then in the long gone years of 1500, and both territories, amongst many others distributed across several continents, belonged to The Portuguese Crown.

Times went by and the children of that Empire, then so called Colonies, one by one, have become emancipated.

The first to reach such desideratum, was the Colony of Brazil. Did it by the hand of a Portuguese Monarch who through his gesture, the more than famous “ Grito do Ipiranga” (Shout of Ipiranga), a cry of rebellion and freedom given on September the 7th of 1822 which claimed Independence for the Lands of Vera Cruz.

D.Pedro, was his name, “IV” of Portugal and “I” of Brazil, was the one who wrote this indelible page of the Universal History, thus making the Brazilian Nation celebrate its Independence on this date.

On the other hand, in the neighbouring Continent of the Southern Hemisphere, the African, another child of the Empire, in this case the Colony of Mozambique, was preparing herself, a century and a half later, to follow the footsteps of her American Brother, and become as well Independent.

Curiosities of The History, The 7th of September - startblog
Curiosities of The History, The 7th of September - startblog

After several years of declared intentions and political irreducibility, the Mozambican revolution emerges as a cry of rebellion and freedom, just as the Shout of Ipiranga emerged, and precisely in the very same date that the hail was heard in the Lands of Vera Cruz.

It was then the year of 1974 and this 7 of September, turned out tobe the last roar of the multi-racial Mozambican People who wanted aDemocratic Independence and a freedom without color or creed.

However the international conjuncture at that time, it was totally diferent from the one of the 19th century and thus, the political interests involved were not simply the scams of an inócuos divorce, much to the contrary, based on a socalled decolonization policy that didn’t respect the will of a People, led to extremisms, betrayls and wars.

After the debacle and the obligation to relinquish dreams built, many were those who headed to Brazil and there were those who had the ability, or as Luís de Camões would say, “ the ingenuity and art” to register their name in the Book of Honor of the Greatest Entities of this Great Country.

The 7th of September of Mozambique, that would be also the day of its Independence, was engraved in the heart of the people who loved that Land, while the one of Brazil follows perpetuating the achieved shout of liberty.

Long live the 7th of September

António Pires de Carvalho

Honored by the Start Tv Company

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