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Defensive Direction - startblog

Today at hundred and eighty third post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

The driver receives a provisional letter before receiving permanent. In this period the watch is greater to ensure your future. Follow us and see the importance of defensive driving for driver and passenger safety.

The constant practice after receiving the letter, will outline the profile of the driver. Where your actions will reflect in a traffic more secure. Whether they are aware to bring safety to the driver, passengers and pedestrians.

Analyze whether it is worthwhile to risk life for not wanting to lose a few seconds on the yellow headlight or get somewhere fast. Or predict actions in advance on assertive decision-making, in fact, avoid risks involving the environment, transit routes, drivers, passengers and it's up to him to be aware of everything you're doing to act with precision in case of unforeseen events.

The importance of keeping a daily discipline on the part of the driver is critical to eliminate uncertain crazes over the years. The practice of defensive driving makes monitoring the driver stay in constant alert for use in urban areas, the process of bit stream or the day-day busy roads. Adopting a posture of attention to everything that's your back, even with the use of mirrors in anticipation of situations of risk.

Be steps forward on the issue in the prevention of accidents is an act directed the driver, based on the rules of the Road. Be 100% aware of everything that involves the vision and possible surprises. Data indicate that the biggest road accidents are caused by human error.

Some fundamental tips should be aware how not to drive after drinking alcoholic consumption, in the case of mobile phones, stop the car somewhere allowed for urgent calls.

Flows at speeds allowed by law, avoid driving tired and take the wheel after not using stimulants. Avoid overtaking prohibited and dangerous and accelerate in school and hospital areas.

The driver need to develop their skills to perform quick and maneuvers out of dangerous situations if necessary. Have a knowledge about the vehicle driven like; equipment, tools, adverse conditions, routes, roads, transport security and passengers; to act calmly and consciously.

Essential to the car to be in order, take to the mechanic to check list basic as checking the level of oil and water, brake, engine and hydraulics. Check the calibration of the tires if there are nails, bubbles or some deformations. Avoid walking with them bald and walk with steppe in order. The suspension and shock absorbers keep the stability of the vehicle and avoid rollovers.

Replace the blades of the windshield when dry, make the Exchange to have a good view on rainy days. Check the front and rear headlights and taillights. In rain and mist attention, take caution. Reduce the speed, keep the distance of the front vehicle. Turn the lights low or own for fog.

When there is narrowing in the runway, reduce speed and avoid overtaking. Always attentive to the signs and events. The screech can cause accidents and destabilize the vehicle.

Avoid walking in neutral or switch off the car when stop the car flow avoid count only with the brakes and shut down can catch. Indicated keep cambium engaged and walking in a March low.

Respect the signs and walk on speed limit. Have visibility and focus on traffic. Focus on the wheel, avoid loud conversations and cell phones in the car.

The importance of wearing a seat belt. Make sure it is tight and uncut, the buckle latch have to click. Passengers in the back seat should use.

Children require more care, the smallest, baby comfort, back, largest in car seats with the seat belt and above four should be placed a booster seat from 7 to 10 years with the seat belt. Check out the rules for each age.

New driver's posture should be comfortable to drive, have a vision aligned and mirrors in strategic position. Hands on the wheel and the back of the head is aligned at the time of the driver's eyes.

These were some tips for successful driver in defensive driving. Do prevention, improve the skills to evaluate each situation with caution, will result in a hold action.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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