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Difference between being or being alone - startblog

Today in hundred and eighty first post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Scholars and experts of head seek to decipher the difference between loneliness and solitude. Involving vision and emotional issues, bringing the responsibility of each for your mind and heart. Join us and understand the difference between pleasure and pain.

There is a diversity in the behavior of the world's population, it is amazing to see the peculiarity that each face your reality. There's a difference between staying with no one around and the reaction that this impact question individually or in a larger proportion. Will depend on the way each had envisaged to your life.

Solitude, being alone, expressed the pleasure of being in your company, while solitude, being alone, brings painful sensations of this condition. There are many cases where people wish to spread to another, looking for a singularity. The contradiction which we live is constantly on the search for balance in getting yourself a good.

Neuropsychologists say people who can't be alone afraid and unaware of your thoughts and emotions. Each one receives in a different way and digests during ripening process, which will happen in various forms. Learning whether or not the deal by the fact of being alone in certain moments and situations.

Eight years was published in the medical journal United States PLoSMedicine, an article about the risks of solitude. Opting for the exclusion of social life is the risk of death, far beyond, the impacts caused by smoking, sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

Shows a reaction coming from the early days when the man appeared with a risky situation, just going on two options, confront or run. This process enabled the defense mechanism being sent to the brain and automatically into the bloodstream as cortisol and epinephrine, getting on full alert.

These substances are higher in lonely people than those with an active social life. That is, since the centuries part of the way we face loneliness can be registered in the genes, however, it will be important to the environment and personal maturity. The fact is that when we're alone, on balance, be only physically does not interfere in the well-being and feel full.

Like everything else in life is geared to our health and well being if you choose to be alone, enjoy this time with you. On the other hand, stay tuned for the solitude you surprise and bring pain and sadness to your life.

At the moment the connectivity is crucial to stay connected and follow the developments of the digital age. Essential to have a good networking, ensure good leads to a positive relationship with everything and all your back. The internet connects and brings a virtual approach, being healthy follow meetings between different people, languages and cultures.

The virtual connection is favorable when cultivated ties of friendship and love in the real world. Search for quality and not quantity and get involved with people who add knowledge and joy to your life.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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