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Difference between multichannel and omnichannel - startblog

Today at hundred seventy seventh post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Omnichannel and marketplace difference in / startblog

The business evolution happens fast, time favors the growth in communication between different forms of access.

We quote an example buzzwords, word in vogue in the business world. The "multi-channel" concept in increasing transformation "omnichannel" change that demand and technology strategy for success. Join us and see the difference of the concepts that will change the consumer experience.

There is a relevant difference between omnichannel and multichannel reflects directly on brand relationship with consumers. The meaning of "multi" above two and "omni".

Multichannel service business management is done in various sales channels and customer service to their customers, such as SMS, email, social networks, telephone, chat, Apps, videoatendimento, physical, virtual and sales etc. However, not necessarily, are interconnected. The consumer has various channels for buying and communication.

Omnichannel and marketplace on Startblog

Omnichannel integrates different forms of consumer access with the brand, prepares the multicanalidade for a unique experience, however, the information is accessed in all avenues of a single point, touchpoint.

There is a connection between all forms of service, bringing a fantastic experience to him. Let's imagine a client interested in a product on Tv, so he makes the call for more information, access the chat of your smartphone, your interest and effective confirms your purchase by e-commerce.

Another case there is interest in a campaign on facebook, finalizes your purchase over the phone and remove the product in the physical store. Eliminating the inconvenience of repeat information or reset the conversation, brings a relief and continuity in service, be it, pre-sale, sale and after-sales. That's be omnichannel.

Tool integrates physical stores, virtual and customer excellence, access the content on Startblog.

To do this it is important that the company make a business plan, breaking paradigms, adaptation to new market structures. Beyond technology, the knowledge and good customer service culture to support the transition.

Efficient strategy to create quality experience to each contact, ensuring transparency and truth always. Raising the value added to your tag in different points of interaction with the consumer.

Subscribe to the channel and stay within the next article about these concepts that lead the retail to another level.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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