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Digital economy | Change in the economic scenario - startblog

Today, in the hundred and twenty-fifth post here at Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Digital economy | Change in the economic scenario on startblog

Digital economy brings you a developing technology and the information revolution. The internet influence much of the economy, changes in the daily lives of people, and business environments. Join us and learn how the internet has become the main media of the digital economy, causing great impact all over the world.

Digital economy, a concept that is here to stay. Studies show that 22.5% of the world economy, are linked to digital media. It emerged in mid-1990, the commercial branch called e-business. In public e-procurement sites related to purchases of raw materials and industrial inputs. At the end of 1990, had the expansion with high intakes reflecting on the market of labour.

With the technological bubble in the United States the internet media continued in the second half of 2011, estimated 2 billion active users. Being able to say that a new age of networked intelligence is transforming people's lives and creating new economic and political concepts.

Digital economy | Change in the economic scenario on startblog

Brought endless discoveries and possibilities. We can highlight some features, trends and differences from previous economy. Some people remember invoices, reports, checks, cash, and other processes that demanded time, space and resources. Actions based on companies with old patterns compared to the current market, where, the information are reduced in bits stored in the cloud running at the speed of light.

The internet provides virtual access to all types of media such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other forms of communication. The tools simplify the way of doing business, showing more complete results.

Digital economy | Change in the economic scenario on startblog

The digital media become responsible for taking the information and move the economy between people and organizations, whether consumers or producers. Knowledge is the main element to generate wealth and create new business models.

The marketing is an example of growth in the digital age. Instead of sending direct mail, call customers and address with invasive advertisements, download an e-book, talk by the chatbox, create the media groups and others. The actions evolve with the market causing impact on the finances of companies, labour market and economy. Saving time, money and other resources with just a few changes in the routine of the people.

Digital economy | Change in the economic scenario on startblog

Many feared the replacement of labour by machines, due to loss of jobs, however, the technology came to aggregate, encourage the quality of functions, requiring better access the information and skills the working dynamics.

In the case of startups, they are born facing the digital market facing less difficulties to enter the segment. We can cite some sectors of the economy to grow in this direction.

The financial market for years was seen as a conservative sector. For centuries banks and financial institutions have managed in a traditional model of business, bureaucratic and cautious. For working with cash, security and care requires transparency between those involved.

Digital economy | Change in the economic scenario on startblog

Today, consumers search for agility, flexibility, simplicity and convenience. They bet on innovation since the internet banking. The technology brought a new demand and vision to clients in relation to take care of your investments. With the gain of time, gave priority to applications facilitating transactions.

Opening new doors to the financial world and new trends like digital coins, Bitcoin, which came to be worth R$2,4 million.


Finance companies focused on technology that offer innovative products, exceeded US $5.3 billion in investments in 2016.


Robots Help experts in decision-making by automating functions with the use of metrics and data, helping to free up resources and time. The financial market marks a period of growth in the digital economy and stop being conservative.

Digital economy | Change in the economic scenario on startblog

Current collective financing platforms in digital-era society. Being an online platform sought by individuals, companies and startups accelerated growth.


Brings a priority for the digital age, data security. For companies to obtain better results it is recommended to reinvent the finances and thrive in the digital market, betting on new technologies and innovation.

Digital economy | Change in the economic scenario on startblog

These were some of the changes that the digital economy has impacted on the financial market. Adopt a new posture, confront the challenges and put your company in the digital market.

Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company

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