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Do you know the history of nail polish? Click here - startblog

Did you know that the painted nails appeared in China around 3500 BC? Worn by men and women, their colors were linked to social position.

Do you know the history of nail polish? Click here - startblog

In the 7th century BC, only members of the royal family were allowed to paint their nails, which was with a golden or silver paste. Later, they became red or black. In the 1930s BC, fashion came to Egyptians, women in the less favored classes could only paint with light tones.

Cleopatra, on the other hand, was the only one who wore red. If anyone disobeyed, they could get the death penalty.

Of course the glazes used at that time were far from what we know today, the paints were made with henna by the Egyptians, and the Chinese used extracts of medicinal plants, rose puree and orchid petals, all mixed with Alumen (hydrated from potassium-aluminum sulfate). Some mixtures still had Arabicgum, egg white, gelatin and bee wax.

With civilization, studies show short, slightly rounded nails. From 1800, the practice was to perfume them with red oil and polished with leather.

In 1830 began the first tools to emerge, it was a paraphernalia to push the cuticle. And in 1892 the first manicure halls appeared.

Already in 1900 it was common to use scissors, metal files and creams to polish.

At that same time also emerged the enamel model closer than we know today and was applied with camel fur brush. Healthy and beautiful nail care included massage with cocoa butter, vaseline, and olive oil for shine and health.

Do you know the history of nail polish? Click here - startblog

In 1925 comes the pink transparent enamel to paint only the half moon and leaving the rest of the nail with nothing. And in 1932, two chemical American brothers create colorful and bright enamel with various pigments. Revlon was born, a brand that exists to this day. It was the forerunner of glazes manufactured in series. They also released the fashion of nails and lips in the same tone.

In the 1970s synthetic glazes emerged, fashion were extremely long nails. And, as the industry did not stop innovating, came acrylic glazes, and then the fiberglass glazes in 1980.

They also begin bold decorations with stonework and accessories.

Today we have numerous colors, textures and differentiated trends in the market, with its own fashion for each season.

Let's surrender to this trend so old, how about today experiencing a new color?

Tell us how it went, leave your comment below, enjoy and sign up for the channel.

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