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Doctors without borders - startblog

Today, in our hundredth twentieth here in Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

 (Image/photo/disclosure) flag doctor without borders
(Image/photo/disclosure) flag doctor without borders

There are thousands of people in the world dedicated to humanitarian causes, fight with purpose, determined and very brave. In some cases, give up to live the love, build a family to be active in the field in order to save lives. These are doctors without borders, join us and learn the history.

Professionals are doctors, specialists in health and other areas take preventive care and assistance to those in need regardless of locale. Work as a team to have a greater number of met and survivors, act with an extremely efficient logistics system, intelligence and agility in decision-making are often placed in situations of difficult choice to make a choice between two lives, which will let you live!

The Organization MSF, doctors without borders was founded in 1971, in France. In 1960, in the middle of a brutal civil war in Biafra in Nigeria, were young journalists and doctors, saw the difficulty of international humanitarian aid, access to the site and making the population policy bureaucracies. They decide to help the victims.

(Image/photo/disclosure) doctor without borders​
(Image/photo/disclosure) doctor without borders​

In 1971 in France rises to MSF, doctors without borders organization. Emerging as a humanitarian organization which leads helps people in the midst of armed conflict, natural disasters, epidemics, malnutrition and exclusion from access to health care, without any difference. Public awareness about the pains of patients, bringing visibility to realities which cannot remain silent. Even in situations of natural disasters that the situation gives an immediate emergency, is made possible between 48 and 72 hours.

In 1980 they decide to use as essential material custom kits and adapted, with travel and molded prepacked as current needs. Basic supplies and equipment are critical in the Kits, riding an inflatable hospital and promoting vaccination campaigns. In 1999 doctors without borders are with the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.

Check out the video of the activities
(Image/video/disclosure) This is Doctors Without Borders: meet. Join. Support!

Their motto is that all people are entitled to medical treatment beyond the borders of the State. In Brazil the organization is dedicated to epidemiological surveillance, diagnosis of Chagas disease and AIDS. In 2008 in some States of the Amazon doctors without borders promoted to training professionals to diagnose Chagas disease. In the same year, deployed in german complex in Rio de Janeiro the health center and an emergency unit, treated 15,000 people.

In 2013 the MSF Brazil, played in 37 countries with 98 professionals in different specialties. Currently assist the 70 countries all over the world. There are about 260,000 of donors around the world.

A free organization independent, neutral and impartial, the doctors if m borders act as your own evaluation, where, when and how to act. Rapid responses in emergency situations, even with failures and shortage in local health system, qualified professionals. In South Africa the work focuses on the fight against HIV, 6 million people live with the virus. Each region a focus as combating violence, combat obstetric complications, treatment of ulcers and malaria.

Gives a play on the video. Learn more go to here
(Image/video/disclosure) This is Doctors Without Borders

MSF seeking organs, international and pharmaceutical institutions to improve the conditions of the population and access to quality medicines. Believes that the solution is to reduce the amounts of drugs and vaccines for more people to have access at least to humanitarian entities and countries with few resources. The big pharmaceuticals GSK, GlaxoSmithKline offers these organizations the dose of the pneumonia vaccine for $ $3,05.

Doctors without borders breathe the humanitarian ideas and agree with all the basics, working with neutrality and impartiality, it is claimed in the name of universal medical ethics and the right to humanitarian assistance, the total and complete freedom of exercise of their activities. The volunteers are aware of the risks and dangers of the day to day in the field.

Dr. Joanne Liu is the International President and stay in the Office in Geneva, Switzerland. And operational headquarters responsible for decision-making, responsible for contact with the departments of medical support, finance, human resources, logistics and communication for the realisation of the projects and locations where they will be met, are located in Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

A good team makes it happen leading the help needed for where is respect the next and work together to achieve better results. In addition to the persistence and strength love is present in every action.

Meet the project and encourage proactive actions.

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