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Dylan's Candy Bar | Sweet success of Dylan Lauren - startblog

Today at hundred seventy-ninth post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Post Friday CEO - Dylan's Candy Bar

Among New York's thousands of nightlife attractions - there are several Dylan's Candy Bar stores scattered around - perfect for the on-call chocolatiers and early-morning lovers, as we're talking about New York City that never sleeps is a great fit for Gamers and all who love it. to sweeten life a little. Follow us and learn the story of the successful woman behind Dylan’s Candy Bar - the world's largest candy store.

Ralph Lauren's Daughter - Dylan Lauren, raised and raised in a conservative family, was inspired by her father, a fashion icon, the most successful designer among the world's tops. Since she was a little creative, at school she participated in student competitions, after college, engaged in events, everything attracted the eye of this enterprising soul.

Post Friday CEO - Dylan's Candy Bar

Between organization, guest list, elaborate invitations, impeccable decoration, unusual places, Dylan bet on his taste for sweets and included in the details, making it very successful among all. He decided to start his own business and realize the dream of making his own story.

Dylan was inspired by Willy Wonka and was sure to open her own candy store.

With a powerful and world-renowned family, this dedicated and persistent young woman made it happen. Sweets, designs and different formats became real. With its applications, the father and Jeff Rubin's contribution from the famous FAO SCHWARZ toy store opened its first DYLAN'S CANDY BAR store in 2001 in the metropolitan city of NY.

Post Friday CEO - Dylan's Candy Bar

With the opening of the first store New York shook with the new concept that united the pleasure of candy, art, pop culture and fashion. For the great connoisseurs of sophisticated, creative and colorful candies.

Dylan Lauren among the richest women in the world.

Over 27 stores across New York. Each one is worth knowing, they are unique and give a special touch of Disney magic to the royal decoration. Upon entering you will be taken to the universe of the fantastic chocolate factory.

Post Friday CEO - Dylan's Candy Bar

With distinctive desserts, unusual candies, playful decoration with dripping chocolate, candies crusted on the walls, a colorful, cozy atmosphere, full of the best treats and of course focused on magic and pure marketing, taking the brand to another level.

A three-story building filled with gummies, chocolates, jujube, colorful giant lollipops, rainbow cotton candy, jelly bear, are among 7,000 goodies that carry a childhood scent and memory. Each is prepared as a unique and rare piece.

Post Friday CEO - Dylan's Candy Bar

Tables decorated with candies, chocolates and lollipops. Vibrant colors, packaging creativity, unusual decor, American nostalgia, market news and inspirations describe the brand.

At the main store on 60th Street and 3rd Avenue - you have a great view of all of Manhattan. They offer the third floor for parties and events.

Dylan’s Candy Bar is worth knowing.

Not to mention the technology integrated with laser printers, you can create your unique candy shape. Packaging is the flagship of the brand, gained positioning and innovation in the market. Raising the DYLAN'S CANDY BAR brand in the preparation of beautiful breakfast baskets and for commemorative dates. There are many orders on Valentine's Day, raising revenue.

Post Friday CEO - Dylan's Candy Bar

Savoring your sweet portion is one of the things you can do on the sweet lounge tables. You can choose from various ice creams, cakes, frozen and other delights. In addition to the Candy team giving all the support to those interested in having a party or event, they help with planning, with personalized candies to rock the details and flavor, making your day happy and unique.

Ideal for families who are passing through or have time to take their children. For those who like sugar, make sure you find the right candy.

One thing is certain - experience goes beyond the five senses, they say - is ultra-sensory.

Virtually a suggested stop for everyone visiting New York. The Miami, Los Angeles and other stores are owned by Dylan.

Imagine a fantastic store, with delicious sweets at the hottest spots if they would be without influencers and celebrities like Steve Spielberg, Tom Cruise, Madonna. This unit is the premier and has been televised on New York-inspired shows and movies.

As a strong, determined woman, Dylan in 2001 was cited at Forbes for having an entrepreneurial streak from her father, inheriting the family's entrepreneurial genes. As the great sages say, like father like daughter.

In 2003 the expansion of other stores, Texas, Long Island and the trendy mall The Florida Mall, in this unit finds scented candles, soaps and others. In 2005, they came in strong with parties with custom candy and right to chocolate waterfall and cotton candy machine. Over the years, growth and news mark the transformative success.

Post Friday CEO - Dylan's Candy Bar

In addition to candy, the brand innovated with its own line of accessories, jewelry, toys, shoes, bags, home utensils, Candy-inspired bath salts. Increasing the contribution at the end of purchases.

In addition to the stores in New York, they are in the cosmopolitan locations of the US, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, East Hamptom. They even distribute to Luxury Boutiques and selected hotels.

Candy the sweet place of New York.

Brand revenue is not disclosed but receive over 2 million visits per year. Dylan Lauren is among the richest women in the world with a net worth of over $ 4.7 billion.

(IMG / Release) Dylan's Candy Bar Website - www.dylanscandybar.com/

The story of a child who dreamed of owning a candy store while watching willy Wonka on TV in the 1980s. Successful entrepreneurial woman Dylan Lauren, intelligent and visionary, believed in her dream, honed her knowledge and conquered the world market with very sweet.

Disney has left many records on good attitudes, actions that have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people, making the impossible possible to happen.

Lauren realizes the dream of several children and animals. Remember if you enter Dylan's Candy Bar let the magic in.

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Until the next Sixth CEO,

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