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eBay | Conservative in its growth - startblog

Today, in our sixty-fifth in the Startblog, the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

e-bay | Conservative in its startblog growth
e-bay | Conservative in its startblog growth

Platform a pioneer in international transactions of products in various categories. Buy and sell miscellaneous items, especially for payments made by PayPal, purchased in 2002 for $1,500 billion. Join us at the start of the auction platform.

Pierre Omidyar was born in 1967, Paris. He moved to the United States in 1973. The programmer on a day like today, in 1995, he founded ebay.

Initially, Pierre created simple code to insert the products in store for auction called AuctionWeb.

Emerged as a personal website, after the times, became known as a global trading platform, being the pioneer in this market, was over US $21 billion worth of goods transacted.

As an e-commerce company, the first years of investments were directed to the platform. Pierre said there was growth at up to 70% per month.

A global trading platform, possibly the pioneer. And, any new user, perform a register on the site, makes the choice of product for sale or browse through the website and select among the available products for purchase. Anyone can negotiate any article.

e-bay | Conservative in its startblog growth
e-bay | Conservative in its startblog growth

Records indicate that the first product sold for $14, was a broken laser pointer, bought by a collector. The software engineer reported that any product made available on the website could be sold. Met several strange, new items, broken and placed on the platform, making transitions with buyers and sellers.

In 1996, brought the ease through the feedback report, allowing buyers and sellers an evaluation between them. Adding questions and suggestions and bringing security to the time of purchase. EBay advances to success.

In 1997, Omidyar changes the name from AuctionWeb to ebay. This year hired the company's first President and was inaugurating the first Office in Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California. The paths were open with the expansion of e-commerce.

In 1998 growing investments in new strategies for the increase in the stock market. Encouraging new sellers and not just shopping for Collections. In June 1998 for $70 million purchase up4sale.

In 1999 there was expansion into Australia, United Kingdom and Germany. Acquired in 2000 to half.com for $350 million, adds the "buy now" the platform. In 2002 bought the PayPal online payment service and the 2005 Skype for $2.6 billion. This year there was a record of 181 million registered users on the platform.

En 2011 el Magento a $180 millones y Zong, especializados, de $240milhões, plataforma en dispositivos móviles. ragment-->

El Corrigon colabora con ebay para reconocimiento de imágenes para una mejor experiencia de usuario en la compra de productos en su tienda online.

Pierre has several social projects, created the Omidyar Institute, directs the bulk of your contribution to the Institute. Invests over 200 institutions, people and companies who are fighting for a cause and bring global changes.

Visit the ebay here and stay on top of the news.
(foto/imagem/divulgação) https://www.ebay.com
(foto/imagem/divulgação) https://www.ebay.com

In 2014 ebay and PayPal officially separated, operating independent form. And since 2012 the PayPal was largely responsible for the greatest company's revenue. PayPal is assessed above US $68.5 billion, its shares are valued at almost 45% since the start of the year.

In the second quarter the company added 2 million new users on the platform. While PayPal had sales of $2.3 billion, your value on Nasdaq is up from ebay.

Investors claim that Paypal requires constant investment in technology by obtaining an exorbitant growth. While ebay is conservative in your growth.

Interestingly he has a blog that holds to this day Pierre

Today the electronic market growing apace. Will the Web sites and applications will be the only way of contact between customers and companies in the near future.

Until next Friday, CEO

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Start Tv Company

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