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Equation to make a good first impression, stay inside! - startblog

Virtually a requirement for success, causing a good first impression is critical. You've probably heard the phrase "the first impression is what gets" or that, "you'll never get a second chance to leave a good first impression."

Of course you can't change a first impression, but we can leave a better second and third, right?

Well, we understand that the first impression is the one that stays, but it's the second one that perpetuates. But what about when we don't have other opportunities to show a good impression?

Equação para causar uma boa primeira impressão, fique por dentro! – startblog

We need to understand why the impression that gets is the blessed first. Basically because we mentally do two questions:

Can I trust you?

Can I respect you?

In fact, our brain is seeking whether the person has cordiality and competence. And studies show that the personality of each individual directly influences the first impression, as in the case of extroverted and introverted people. So can we miss the first impression trial?


But if you don't want to fall into it anymore, to pass a wrong image, or judging the book by the cover, let's see what to do.

Equation to make a good first impression, stay inside! - startblog

For example in a world full of more talkative, cheerful and friendly people the introverts seem to lose. But the chance of an extrovert passing the image of arrogant or naughty there is yes.

Thus, we can see that there are no advantages in this race, either in the professional or personal sense.

Professor Charles H. Green created the equation of trust that seeks to calculate the degree of reliability of a person, which helps us a lot to deal with the first impression:

Equation to make a good first impression, stay inside! - startblog

Self orientation is the most important aspect in this calculation, since the more the person is self-centered, the less reliable he will be.

So basically, to make a good impression, in the impossibility of a second or third meeting, we must pass on credibility, bodily and verbal security, and a certain permission to intimacy by exposing opinions for example. And of course, all of this sharing with self-orientation in the right way.

We will be cordial and competent in everything we do and in all areas of our life!

Now tell me, did the Start Tv Company make a good first impression?


Until the next post,

CEO | Starttles

Start Tv Company


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