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Expressions in vogue I post on startblog

Today at ninety ninety-first post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Expressions in vogue I post on startblog
Expressions in vogue I post on startblog

In recent years organizations have been creating new ways to connect the user to the brand. Aligned with human resources they strategize with the new consumer's individual needs. The current reality is that millennials are dictating new market trends.

Keeping up with the new market terms will be important to highlight the entrepreneur at every pitch before sharks ready to close a good deal. Follow us and see the advantages of negotiations through good technical vocabulary.

Give a play and see the importance of technical expressions and also the post with corporate acronyms.

Millennium Generation

People aged 21-34 years make up this generation. Are also known as "mimimi, millennials, generation y, the internet." Easier for technology and changes in the digital age.

Good Enought

Good enough for delivery or put into action for improvement after.

Growth Capital

Company already known in the market, support investments for the expansion of the business.

Growth Hacking

Bemarking metode te verhoog die vlak van kommunikasie met die gebruiker. Die entrepreneur gebruik bestuur hulpmiddels en kreatiwiteit ontwikkel die beste strategie vir jou besigheid.

Hurdle Rate

A minimum rate that the investor plans to receive after an investment in a business or the maximum rate that an entrepreneur is willing to pay to the investor.

Job rotation

The term means "job rotation" method applied in companies to develop the best skills of their trainees. They rotate in each industry to maximize knowledge and form new leaders.

Joint venture

Collaboration between companies to motivation and acquisition in the economic activities. For profit financial and operational for a stipulated time.


English expression meaning "on time" or "time is right" – the production, transportation and purchase must be made at the right time. Technique on management to minimize inventory and costs incurred in connection with goods.


Expressions in vogue I post on startblog
Expressions in vogue I post on startblog

Practice of Japanese origin in administering. "kai-change"-"Zen-improved" = "Kaisen-continuous improvement" personal life, family, social or professional. Improve business results with cost reduction and increase in productivity.


Organization performance meter. KPI-Key performance Indicator-key indicator – assessment from the metrics in the process to achieve the goals and success.

Know how

Knowledge and experience about a particular subject. English "know how" entrepreneur uses of their skills, practical knowledge in a specific subject or task for competitive advantage in the market.

Use your knowledge to stand out socially. Your competitive advantage to relate with people, directly connected with your know-how.

Learning Organization

Are managed in a transparent way, with managers to disclose what they know, ask for help when they don't know and facilitate the learning of their subordinates.

Love Money

Expressions in vogue I post on startblog
Expressions in vogue I post on startblog

Investor source coming from family and friends. The risk is all your, based on trust, there is usually no need for an assessment or contract.

Market Share

Degree of participation of an undertaking in the market in terms of sales of a particular product; fraction of the market controlled by her.

Markup - Difference between cost and selling price.


Meeting of members of communities of startups or entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises, to discuss ideas, share experiences and increase the networking.


Expressions in vogue I post on startblog
Expressions in vogue I post on startblog

The metrics are systems that allow you to measure the performance of a company's marketing activities, trends and behaviors of the public.

These strategies can measure the result of a campaign, better business opportunities and the response from customers.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Term in English for ' mergers and acquisitions (abbreviated M&A), is both an aspect of corporate strategy and corporate finance as purchase, sale, Division and combinationde diferentes empresas.


Important aspect for beginners entrepreneurs in business, however, deal with the lack of knowledge, uncertainty and market challenges. The mentor is responsible for directing the best decisions, propose innovative ideas and structuring the business plan.


Older Professional with experience and skill, who accompanies and passes it to the newest ideas about work and career.


Word derived from the Latin means impediment, embarrassment, setback, obstacle or hindrance.


Expressions in vogue I post on startblog
Expressions in vogue I post on startblog

Swedish word that means "the man who represents the interests of" Ombudsman, professional that has as mission to mediate communication between the public and the company. Popularly known as "Ombudsman".


Science of administration. Discipline of accounting. Respect the positions of every person involved in the process. Occupied positions.


Professional solution, drawn up with the objective of driving with dignity and respect the procedures for dismissal in companies. It's a win-win system, which searches for the benefit of all involved.


Expressions in vogue I post on startblog
Expressions in vogue I post on startblog

It is hiring an entity outside the company to perform non-strategic services (which do not produce added value for customers), rather than producing them domestically. Popularly known as "outsourcing".

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Is a confidentiality agreement on the clauses and trading information between companies and their investors. The secrecy is negotiated by contract, reinforcing the important data doesn't come to public knowledge.

Payback - Return on investment.


Tool for quality control in a company. Constant improvement in process, product and people. Meaning in English-Plan, Do, Check and Act, or Adjust. Known as circle/cycle/Deming wheel, Shewhart cycle, circle/control cycle, or PDSA (plan-do-study-act).

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Until the next post.

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