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Expressions in vogue II post on startblog

Today in ninety ninety second post here on Startblog, from the series, Start Tv Company, from the inside out.

Expressions in vogue II post on startblog
Expressions in vogue II post on startblog

We can say that even before technological evolution, communication has always been one of the fundamental pillars for success. Whether in personal or professional life.

The entrepreneur of the modern era attaches importance to the quality of information for an exceptional result. In addition to being communicative, it conveys your message clearly and objectively.

With the ease of daily access to various content, it will be important to set the goal and set goals to be met. Thus, it remains focused on content that adds knowledge.

With the rising market there are innovations with every software upgrade, Apps and AI - artificial intelligence. Expanding the vocabulary will enhance your knowledge, follow us.

See the first part of the words in vogue here. Check out the corporate acronyms post. Put into practice, undertake successfully and stand out among sharks.

A quarter of each

Expression used to quarter. Need to pay on top of a reality, present a business plan that is workable.

SWOT Analysis

Makes a broad analysis of the Organization, based on variables such as Strength-opportunities-Weaknesses-threats.


Process establishing improvements in their own methods and/or an analysis of the competitors, based on functional results of services, products and process. Thus raising the level of the company.


To extract skills from the team. They create interactions and challenges between sectors and groups.


Quick presentation by entrepreneurs to potential investors when they need to present their product, their company's mission and their business potential. Be focused to capture the interest of the target.

Total quality

Acronym TQM - Total Quality Management - Results in the strategy used to emphasize quality in all processes and services.


French Term - Bring Back - Relationship of reciprocal understanding and trust between two or more people. It results in the ability to stir up someone else's reactions, also known as empathy.


Management technique applied since 1990, used to restructure the entire company, functions and processes. Based on international market, competition, technological developments for internal and external improvements.

Revenue - Any amount received, collected or determined from a company.

MRE Meals

Meals Ready to Eat - Ready-to-eat foods - These are people who need to eat in unstructured or emergency places. In case of leaving home fast or disaster. Example, army operating ration.

Rental - Equipment rental.

Employee Turnover

A productivity indicator consisting of the average of how many employees are hired and laid off each month. Areas with high turnover tend to generate more costs, especially in small businesses.


Acronym ROI, Return on Investment '- Percentage of cash inflows earned in relation to the amount invested. Profit and investment in campaigns.


Expressions in vogue II post on startblog
Expressions in vogue II post on startblog

Amount charged for using a company name and structure for franchisees. Percentage refers to the individual revenue of each franchise during each month.


Acronym SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Set of techniques and strategies that aim to improve the positioning of websites - e-commerces in search engines on Google.Shelf life - Tempo que o produto dura até a distribuição.

Smart city

Interconnected cities are called industry 4.0, check out our playlist of artificial intelligence here.

Smart money

Not only financial but also intellectual investment.

Spin off

Creating a new business based on a larger company called the parent company.


It refers to the conviction that two plus two can be five. It is cooperation and simultaneous efforts to achieve the goals.


Expressions in vogue II post on startblog
Expressions in vogue II post on startblog

They are the people with direct or indirect participation in the creation and daily life of a company. Parts of this segment include customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, partners, even other sectors of society such as public and government agencies.

Stamina - Starts with one energy and declines.

Seed capital

Seed capital is a type of investment applied to the business in its early stages. The value is higher compared to the angel investor.

Business Supply Chain Management.


Awareness raising for teamwork entrepreneurs. With motivation and decision-making power for effective solutions.

Term Sheet

Contracts with terms and conditions agreed between entrepreneurs and angel investors during the negotiation process.

Average ticket

Billing divided by number of customers. Average spend vs. earned per served customer.


Position in a company, which elevates the professional development of the newly hired employee, encouraged by the program.


English word, which in translation means: turnover; movement; turning; circulation.


Approval of the service, work and service offered by a company. Thermometer start-ups make sure they are on the right track.


Estimated value of the company - “valuation” - based on the process of estimates, under which analysts are recommended to buy or not the stock market.

VC (Venture Capital)

Expressions in vogue II post on startblog
Expressions in vogue II post on startblog

Acronym VC - "Venture Capital" - "Venture Capital". Investment for companies to take their first steps towards expansion.


Virtual world communication format. One-way video conferencing allows users to interact through a chat, where they can send questions and comments that are answered live by the speaker.

Workaholic - a workaholic and compulsive worker.

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Until the next post.

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